Sunday 28 April 2019


As a result of the news that Natasha was to undergo an operation, her mother and grandmother came over to nurse her during her recovery. You can imagine the joy of her family and their reaction to the good news that she didn't need an operation. They wanted to meet and thank me, and that was a very happy meeting. After a few days I received a call asking me to have a look at Natasha’s grandmother’s eyes while she was visiting.

They told me that her eyes were fast deteriorating. This would, of course, be a natural occurrence at her age, but even so we met and we did a session together. Working as a medium is channelling spiritual love energy. It seldom happens that I receive so much spiritual love for someone that I am overwhelmed and cry, but this happened in the case of Babushka. At first there was stillness, then I asked if her husband had passed away in recent years, as I could sense his presence.

These questions have to be asked with the utmost care and respect, as they are very delicate. She confirmed this and told me that she could feel something too but was in disbelief about it. My questions made her curious about what she was feeling.  She also noticed me crying and I explained to her what I was feeling. I described how I could see her husband embracing her with arms that looked like wings of light.

I will never forget the way she looked at me then. We stopped talking then and she allowed herself to receive the healing. Feelings of sadness and happiness alternated throughout the session. The result of this one session was truly amazing. Her eyesight has not deteriorated any further since that time and a back pain that had troubled her for fifty years disappeared with it and has never returned.

The doctors are still in disbelief and call it macular ‘regeneration’. Babushka should have been blind by now but can still see through the same circles she could on the day she came to me for a session.

Excerpt of testimonials: Love is the essence of the Soul Chrysalis.

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