Thursday 26 July 2018


Tonight is a night of union for the stars and of scattering, 
scattering, since a bride is coming from the skies, consisting of a full moon.
Venus cannot contain hereself for charming melodies, like the
nightingale which becomes intoxicated with the rose in spring-time.
See how the polestar is ogling Leo; 
behold what dust Pisces is stirring up from the deep!
Jupiter has galloped his steed against ancient Saturn, saying
"Take back your youth and go, bring good tidings!"
Mars' hand, which was full of blood from the handle of his
sword, has become as life-giving as the sun, the exalted in works.
Since Aquarius has come full of that water of life, the dry
cluster of Virgo is raining pearls from him.
The Pleiades full of goodness fears not Libra and being
broken; how should Aries flee away in fright from its mother?
When from the moon the arrow of a glance struck the heart
of Sagittarius, he took to night-faring in passion for her, like Scorpio.
On such a festival, go, sacrifice Taurus, else you are crooked of
gait in the mud like Cancer. 
This sky is the astrolabe, and the reality is Love; 
whatever wesay of this, attend to the meaning.
Shamsi-Tabriz, on that dawn when you shine, the dark night
is transformed to bright day by your moon like face.

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There is some kiss we want
with our whole lives,
the touch of Spirit on the body.

Seawater begs the pearl
to break its shell.

And the lily, how passionately
it needs some wild Darling!

At night, I open the window
and ask the moon to come
and press its face into mine.
Breathe into me.

Close the language-door,
and open the love-window.

The moon won't use the door,
only the window.

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Jelaluddin Rumi

Monday 9 July 2018


  1. existing at or from the beginning of time; primeval.
    "the primordial oceans"
    synonyms:ancient, earliest, firstprehistoricantediluvianantiqueprimevalprimitiveprimalMore
    • (especially of a feeling or state) basic and fundamental.
      "the primordial needs of the masses"
      synonyms:instinctiveprimitivebasicprimalprimevalintuitive, intuitional, involuntaryinborninnateinherentinbrednaturalcongenitalhereditary, inherited, in the blood, ingrained
      "the primordial desire for earthly happiness"
      (of a cell, part, or tissue) in the earliest stage of development.

Tuesday 3 July 2018


My ongoing journey with Pina began one year ago when we met and spoke at the gym! I needed the gym for my arthritis and I marvelled at Pina’s agility. We got talking and she offered me a free healing session! I had never experienced a medium, spiritual healer and immediately I thought why not with great anticipation!

What an amazing journey we have been on since! 

My first session with her was amazingly strange and so full of wonder and when she connected with my family who have passed I got such peace and comfort! My following encounters are so hard to explain, how I felt in words to do them justice! Each session was different and unique, some emotional or more funny, the cold feeling in parts of my body when she was working on me and then at other sessions the warm glow! I have got such relief and yet my whole emotional journey is unravelling through my bones!

I also know that I have more shite to get rid of and I have to face why I am stubborn about holding on to the past, especially the fears and feelings I don’t need!!! My love of myself is sitting easier and I now know that I am beauty-full. Thanks to Pina I am letting go of my need to be needed, caring for others and allow others take care of me! 

My need for sessions are less frequent as having been told by Pina that my healing is within me and I have to work on myself! Pina is unique and so hard to describe her healing sessions to people as some would say she's cracked! Bizarre and definitely when you hear her whistles and guttural sounds during her work and healing!

She's bubbly gifted and has a way with words that’s amazing! 
She is a truly spiritual being with the gift of healing.

Mary xxx

Sunday 1 July 2018


Messengers of the Divine – angels, spirit guides, mysteries, deities, ancestors, 

whatever name you give them – are energy beings consisting of wisdom and love. 
All throughout our life they bring us healing through insights and understanding. 
When we are receptive to their signals, they can bring us a world of good, in the form of

inner peace and trusting your destiny. These are very useful qualities to receive once
we are open to their guidance, living our lives according to the Creator of us all.
Even when you don’t believe in angels, spirit guides, deities or mysteries, they
keep on believing in you. Even when you don’t believe in yourself, they keep on
believing in you. Even when you close your heart to push them away, they stay.
They understand that it is difficult for us to believe in them, especially when we are
in pain. Some people find it challenging to believe in what they cannot see and tend
to look for proof. All the divine beings do is care for us and pray every day that one
day our heart will open to feel their presence, or ‘loving guidance’, inside of us. 
And then everything is possible…  

Excerpt page 99: Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis