Wednesday, 22 November 2017


It happens very seldom that I'm asked to healing on an animal.
Here is my first dog healing story from 2012.

 A friends dog got very sick brought it to the vet. The vet found out that the dog had devoured a big rubber dog toy and had to operate on the dog's stomach. The dog had to stay overnight as the vet found out that the toy cover material was toxic. Unfortunately the toy pieces were already in its intestines. Unable to operate on his intestines the dog had to dispose of it in the natural way.

This process had to be supported by a special diet as his stomach and intestines were totally inflamed, raw and painful. The next 24 hrs were crucial to see if the dog would make it through the night. Thank God it did!!!

     During the next week the dogs bowel movement had sort of returned to normal but still nothing of the toy pieces had come out and the dog was dramatically losing weight. Then my friend rang me and asked if I could do a healing on the dog. I said I can at least try, as I had done a healing on a friends baby. (I'm not comparing a baby and a dog!) But the baby also had a digestive problem and appr 15 min after the 10 min session, the baby let it all go!!! After that she fell asleep happily and exhausted from all that releasing and slept for 3 hrs!

     I did a 2x15 min session on the dog. The owner rang me the next morning with the happy news telling me that IT had all come out! Then a few days later they rang me with the news that the dog had gained already 2 pounds of weight! Such great news for the dog, its owner and myself too, as this is the first time I have done a healing session on an animal! And straight away it had a positive outcome!

     We must of course foremost thank the vet as she has done a great job on operating the dog and choosing the right diet and following up treatment for the dog!!! And not to forget my friends devoted care of the beloved dog during it's healing process. I want to also hereby thank my friend who has given me the trust and opportunity to work on the dog! And my spirit guide for it's guidance!

Sunday, 19 November 2017


Over the last 20 years of being in Ireland I have come to love the Irish and their blow-ins dearly. I am grateful to all of them for their patience, trust and courage. I thank all of you who have allowed me to be of help in your healing process. Without you I would not be the spiritual healer I am today. Over these years, some of you embraced me with your friendship. I have re-met members of my soul family and my spirited heart has gratefully rejoiced! Without the warm dinners, ‘grapefruit juices’, cups of tea and emotional support, Lief and I would not have lasted as long as we have in Ireland.
It makes me happy to see people changing for the better, by letting go and becoming more positive. Sometimes people don’t even realise who they really are until they come out of their emotional prison. It is truly uplifting when someone no longer has to listen to the outer voices anymore, when they have the freedom to hear their own heartbeat again. I inspire people to break free from whatever it is that has been holding their spirit captive. I myself walked out of my emotional prison and, through this positive action, gave myself and others a second chance.
I work with people so that they can heal and change in a positive way. For some there is a lot of work to do and for others less. Some people have to work on old karma and others on new karma. Healing doesn’t always come in the form that we expect. We have to be patient, open our hearts and trust that good is there for us. We must surrender to ourself, to our beauty within and to the Love of the Universe, as we are its children.

We can only recognise words that resonate within our heart, body and soul as a part of our own journey. People always meet me at the right time in their life. How do I know this? After many years of being me and doing this work, I just know!
Excerpt page 1 book: Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017


This morning I woke up at 6 am with my spirit guide GL, who kept urging me to get up and write a new post. Hesitant to leave my warm bed I stayed in longer. Then straight away the word MENTOR came into my head. "My first mentor was my Grandmother," said Katherine Licken during her talk last Thursday. Straight away my mother came to me! My dearest mother who didn't become 82 today. My first mentor! Today is my mother's Jeanne Lazara's 4th anniversary. "Hi Mum", I said. She responded  with, " hi daughter", and straight away gave me the subject for today's post :)

                                                         ~ CONFIDENCE ~

Since I live in Ireland, which is nearly 18 years, she has visit me once in Ireland and another time when I lived in San Francisco. Like a good mother she wanted to know if I was okay. When she knew that I was, she has never visited me again. "This doesn't mean I don't love you," she assured me during our sporadic phone calls. When she died I instantly felt like my mother's daughter, something I've always fought when she was alive! Who wants to be like their mother when being young? Today I'm proud that I AM her daughter, and that she was my mother, and that like her, I live my life in service, as a spiritual healer.

After my mother I'm blessed to have met more mentors! During my life I'm surrounded with a small yet amazing group of soul family, soul friends, soul protectors. But my mother was my first! She was small build yet her loving powerful presence was undeniable for all who knew and were blessed to have her in their lives. My mother worked her whole life as a nurse and later as a geriatric nurse. In her free time she was in service to everyone she felt she could help. I knew she helped many people, but it became only apparent after her death, how many people she actually supported and cared for on a daily basis.

“Be Not Inhospitable To Strangers Lest They Be Angels In Disguise”. 

How many times has my FAB business mentor Jackie Gowran asked me, to name my target group!!! It was a difficult question for me to answer as I never like to just focus on one particular group. I love to help as many people with diverse issues as I can, but this morning I finally got the answer!
Or did I finally listen? :) Whilst writing this down, Madan Gopal and my mother, reminding me that I've written a book about self-esteem and confidence called:

     Next week I'm doing a talk and besides reading some excerpts of my book, the theme of course should  be, yes you can guess :) mostly about SELF-ESTEEM and SELF-CONFIDENCE! Esteem and confindence go mostly hand in hand.

     Self-esteem is all about how you feel about yourself, whereas self-confidence is the certainty you have about your ability to engage in the world. For more info click on link below.



I've only attended day 2 Panel 1: Making the Impossible, Possible, with Mentors and Masterminds on Thursday 4th. Most of the speakers during their talks touched the subject about confidence in women, or for some women, the lack of confidence. I like to thank all the speakers once more. It was such an exhilarating experience to be in the same room with this stellar lineup! Those amazing inspirational female entrepreneurs who we otherwise never been able to meet! And not to forget all our own Fabulous West Cork Women!!! The West Cork Hotel was buzzing that day with such positive energy! All four days were amazing! Thank You for coming to Dear Old Skibbereen! Pina

Thursday, 2 November 2017


I'm very excited to offer 2 hour * one to one * WOMEN ONLY * workshops. I've decided to do this 2 hour more tailored workshop because some people need more time then others, and others like to go deeper into the healing and focus more on the shamanic side of things

Healer or Seeker? This could be the workshop for You.

  See list below of what to expect in the workshop.This list is not set in stone as I like to keep an organic flow to it.

1: Introducing oneself. 

2: Short guided tune-in your reason for workshop.

3: Hands-on healing session.

4: Full Body/Aura Smudging with Sacred Herbs.

5: Chair healing session

6: Grounding//Protection exercise.

7: Time to process and reflect on your work well done.

8: Workshop also includes my signed book: Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis.

9: I will send you overall review of the work you've done via an email.

Cost: E 120

*** When people come to me for a workshop, I recommend that they come on a day that they are not to busy or have time to relax after the session. One can come for a session anytime and go to work after, yet, it is better to at least have some time to process the workshop. 

Every person reacts differently. One feels like laying on the couch or going to bed after, whilst another wants to go gardening or go for a walk. ***

If this workshop is for you I hope to hear from You.
087-3519463 or email
For more info about my work please visit homepage
Thank You, Pina


November 2nd is Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) This post is for all who miss their loved ones! Although people have skull paintings on their faces, it is also a celebration of life!
This is me at the celebrations in the Latin American district in San Francisco, called: The Mission, in the year my mother had passed away, not knowing that my sister would also die a month later. Px