😃 ChiLdReN and HeALiNg SEsSiOnS 😃

As I've written many times before that I love my life purpose. The more sessions I'm doing, the happier AM I. I meet people for sessions of all cultures, different backgrounds and ages. Today I would like to say Thank You to all the children ( and their parents/carers ) who allow me to do sessions on them. I feel SO blessed that children feel so comfortable with me as a person and as a healer.  I also work with special "needs" children of any age, or anyone child who needs some more/extra attention

Unlike the adults, children are not so busy, or curious, with which angel or spirit guide is there for them. Especially the young children are more in-tune with "the feel good vibe" which the spiritual world offers during the session. They just go with the flow of the bubbly sensations, and feel the shifts their bodies make. 

When changes occur and their discomfort is gone, that's all they need to feel happy or to be happy again! I like to quote the 10 year young lovely Haze who wanted to experience the bubbly sensations. "Pina, I want to tell you that you are very good in what you do, because I'm still so relaxed since my session".    !!! Total heart melt moment!!! 

He is the first child in 21 years of me doing healing work who thanked me  AND also gave me a compliment 😊💙 Thank You sweet Haze! Pina

   Whilst most children/teenagers grow up happily and healthy 
some can unfortunately also experience stress or sadness in their lives.
                  The society we live in nowadays demands already a lot, a lot, from young people.
                              Children/teenagers CAN have numerous things going on for instance:

1: Asthma.
2: Shyness.
3: Addictions.
4: Insecurities.
5: Hyper active
6: Skin irritations.
7: Suppressed anger.
8: From divorced parents.
9: Feeling misunderstood.
10:Pains, aches, infections.
11:Anxiety due to bullying.
12:Fearful for the unknown.
13:Stress over school, exams.
14:Recovering from an illness.
15:Victim of abuse, or ill treatment.
16:Feelings of being ugly and stupid.
17:Sadness or anger of being ridiculed.
18:Nervousness after been in a car accident
19:Sadness about loss of a family member, friend or pet.



Children are brought for sessions by their parents, or other family members that have either
heard about my work, or have experienced the healing energy for them self.

During most of the children and adults sessions alike there is so much laughter!!!
Most children get so relaxed or happy that they don't want to leave. Others ask me already before leaving when they can have their next one. 🌝 Total Bliss 🌝  

      ***During children sessions an adult must be present***

Mia * 6 year * insists on booking her own sessions with me on the ph 🌝

" I love your whistling", she says. 
   Her parent told me that after her sessions she tries to copy my whistle at home.  
She puts her mouth on her hands to make them as warm as mine! 
A new shaman-e in the making 🌝

 Here is Victor * 4 year * happily dancing away
 after his second session on his favourite music,
whilst his older sister * 9 year * is enjoying hers.

Yeahhh. This is video of his third session.
His mother told me that after his sessions
 he's in bliss and hums for days after.

My son Ramon, * 15 year * is so much calmer.
His concentration has become better at school.

I asked my 9 year young son what he likes about Pina. He said; "She is sweet, good with words, makes great sounds, AND she makes me feel calm". " Ok, I said, that's good enough for me".  

I think Pina's sessions are amazing and really calming, she makes really soothing sounds. Every time I go to her I always feel so much better and more at peace. Pina is such a nice person, and now also a great friend. She is a very caring person and always offers to help. I love spending time with her. MJ 11 years

                                                            LITTLE OISIN'S MAGIC FAIRY HEALING 

Pina is an incredible person, infectiously happy, positive and underneath a strong and powerful healer. I have had a number of treatments with her, all of which had a positive and subconscious effect on me and my psyche...my inner me.

When I brought my son to Pina in October, he had a suspected hernia in his groin, his second now on the opposite side. It had been noticeable for about 3 months at the time and appeared to be increasing in size and discomfort.

Pina's first session amazed the three of us. I sat next to my son as he lay still on the therapy table (that alone was amazing to see my active 3 year old not climbing and jumping around). I think Pina's calm and happy vibe was enough to have my son's trustAs she started working her magic, my boy began to fall asleep! I wasn't expecting that.

As Pina's treatment really got underway we could see my son's body reacting subconsciously to every touch. When the session was ending, my boy woke up from his short but deep sleep, full of energy and ready to go. A few sessions later, his hernia cant be seen or felt! Totally incredible and magic. Now my son calls Pina, 'Magic Fairy Pina' and I've seen him giving his teddies his own 'Magic Fairy' treatment.

I would recommend Pina to anyone of any age!


Thank You so much, lovely mother of Oisin for all your kind words!
His 3 sessions were very magical indeed!
He is such a little sweetheart, and like you said, very active!
I call these very active children, little bumble bees :)

My work is all about facilitating the person's conscious and subconscious,
to have a beneficial conversation so changes can occur. 
Your son is the perfect example of allowing the subconsciousness
to get to work and helping the body to heal so fast!

Children are not so busy, or curious, who is there for them, like the adults are. Especially the young children are more in-tune with "the feel good vibe" that the spiritual world offers during the session, therefore everything goes fast and easy. They just go with the flow of the bubbly sensations, and feel the shifts their bodies make. When changes occur and their discomfort is gone, that's all they need to know, to feel happy again! 

This session was in October 2014

Image result for happy children images

This session was in July 2015, Ireland

" Pina never ceases to amaze. After she healed my 3 year old son's hernia last year, I had no hesitation in bringing him for another session last week for an infection he had. Pina confirmed my suspicions that my son's infection was related with an emotional issue. She worked on him for the best part of half an hour. My son completely relaxed and half asleep throughout. I could clearly see her effect on his body as he moved and twitched in response to her magic/healing energy. This time it took my son a bit longer to recover after the session but when he did, he was wide awake and full of energy. Later that evening the infection had started to go and by the night there were no symptoms at all. Pina's healing ability is undeniable and time and time again and I tell everyone I know to try her magic...It works on all levels for every type of person and for each of their problems".  ~Oisin's mother ~

Thank You again dear mother of Oisin for your kind words!

Oisin's reaction last week was similar indeed to last year's. I happily found out the next day, that the result was successful! This time though after the session I went spontaneously on my knees and Oisin and I gave each other a hug. He laid his head on my neck/shoulder and leaned against me in total bliss for like 3 min! His parent were also in the room, and it was such a heartfelt experience, for all of us! The overwhelming feeling brought nearly us, the adult, to tears! I have never had an experience with a child like that! I feel so blessed with his trust! Then as it had never happened he suddenly changed back into his lively and happy self again.

All who come to me know how much I love my work! But I most say... I love working with children very much, especially with the young children. They are mostly so in tune with "the feel good vibe" which the spiritual world offers during the session. Thank You to all the parents who bring their children to me for healing. I feel very blessed for your trust in my work, Pina.

I have full consent from all mothers to publish the photos, names and testimonials.


Until 5 yrs:          20 min: 25 E.
6 yrs//11 yrs:       30 min: 40 E. 
12 yrs//15 yrs      50 min: 60 E

All appointments by appointments only: 😊
Please bring a towel and come 5 min earlier before your session, 
so you can wash your hands or use the facilities.

If you want/need to cancel your session I ask you hereby kindly to let me know on time.
If cancelled within the 24 hours of your session, I will still charge the full fee.

Just as you would be charged at a doctor/dentist/massage/physio, etc appointment.
I'm a 1 woman self-employed business. Thank you for your understanding, Pina. 

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