Saturday 25 June 2022


Don’t wait for others to give you what it is you need to feel good about yourself.
Learn to like or love yourself. Love is not a give and take, but a sharing of what we
cherish. A giving and receiving. To love ourselves was a gift at birth. 
We are all born whole, but negative influences may have distorted our self-image. 

To give back to yourself what you have lost or feel you’ve lost along the way is the most important gift you can give yourself. What kind of gifts do you need to bring your self back into balance? Are they emotional, spiritual or materialistic? Whatever form they take, you know yourself.


1. Think about all the things you didn’t get when you were a child or a teenager,
or at whichever stage in your life you felt neglected. For example, was it the red
shoes you didn’t get, or the blue bike? Was it a hug, the ‘well done’ pat on the
shoulder, or a compliment you were longing for?

2. Make a list of the things that you didn’t get but feel you need today to make
your life happier and whole again, then meditate on them.

3. Once a week, take one or two things on your list and find a practical way to
give these to your inner child. This will help you as an adult to feel better about

Give in whichever way feels good to you. Let the child and the adult reach out to
each other in kindness and understanding so they can integrate into a whole. When
they come together as a unity, you won’t be afraid, angry or sad anymore. You feel
stronger, braver and happier. 

Tell yourself that you do not want to suffer anymore of anger, depression, 
fear, sadness or low self-esteem or whatever else is holding you
back from learning to be kinder to yourself.

If you find it difficult to visualize this, think about how you would feel if you
saw a child crying out in fear. Imagine how you could help this child, offering them
kindness, understanding and respect. When you visualize this, translate it to you
your own frightened, angry or sad inner child. Don’t rush yourself. Give yourself
enough time to find your own answers. Wrap yourself in a supportive and calm

At the same time, don’t give yourself too much time, because then you will be
giving too much to that highly skilled child who has learned to survive with all its
tricks and excuses. In your own time remind your inner child to understand that he
or she has safely grown up into an adult in both mind and body.


See how you feel the first time you give something to yourself that you thought you
had lost for ever. You will no longer have to wait for someone else to give it to you.
Learning to decipher what you feel and think, trusting your own emotions and decisions can make you feel good and confident again.

If you are not into this kind of exercise and you feel you need something else,
break your silence and look for someone to help you.

Nowadays this is more accepted and it is seen as a sign of strength to ask for help. 
There are so many different therapies available to help you voice your pain,
in order to free your spirit from the obstacles in your life.
Don’t stay stuck in the barren nest you have lived in unhappily
for so long. It is time to take positive control of your adult life.


Thursday 16 June 2022



Angel Number 969 is a message from your angels to focus upon on your life purpose, as now is the time to fully live your personal truths and spiritual path. Trust that as you live your soul mission you will be leading and teaching others by positive example, and all of your monetary and material needs will be provided in order to assist and sustain you.  

Angel Number 969 encourages you to love, respect, nurture and care for yourself in all ways, as when you love and nurture yourself you open the door to more self-awareness, clarity, spiritual growth and joy. Love and nourish yourself by doing what you want to do, rather than what others want you to do, as when you love who you are and what you do, you instinctively bring out the best in yourself. Set healthy priorities and be true to yourself and honest with others.

Number 969 relates to number 6 (9+6+9=24, 2+4=6) and Angel Number 6.

Monday 13 June 2022


The June 2022 full moon is a time to bask in the magic of our accomplishments and allow our excitement about the future to fully ripen. It asks us to celebrate our growth and progress as we prepare for the new adventures (and new seasons) that lie ahead. To read the whole article click on the link.

Friday 10 June 2022

WEEKEND VIBES: 432Hz - Whole Body Regeneration - Full Body Healing | Emotional & Physical Healing

432 Hz, otherwise known as Verdi’s A, was the music tuning standard prior to today’s tuning of 440 Hz. It is widely considered a superior tuning that makes music more pleasant to listen to. It is also said to have a positive influence on the mind and body due to its relationship with our planet.

Saturday 4 June 2022


                                                              [08:52, 30-05-2022]

Last week I've done a session on a lovely doggie. Her symptomes/dis-comforts were: 

Not being able to properly pee/sitting properly when peeing, stumbling regurarly with right front paw when walking, not so much energy. We did a 2x20 min session and a week later I got this wonderful text from her happy owners!

"Hi Pina! I wanted to say thank you for the doggie session. The first day after the treatment she was sick and passive. On the second/third day she released something. The next day she recovered, and I notice two changes: She pees better, and I saw her sitting, something she didn't do before. 

Also now, when she is running in the forest, the way she moves is different, a bit more like a proper energyst dog, instead of a clumsy-lazy one. And yeah, she doesn't stumble on the right front paw any more. I think I'll come again somewhere in July, it definitely did something already. Ciao! " AZ

Hi AZ. It makes me so happy to read your mail and thanks for letting me share her story. Pina

Other animals I have done sessions on are horses and cats. 

Happy Dog part 3 in post 29th August 2022

Wednesday 1 June 2022


It happens very seldom that I'm asked to do healing on an animal, but here is my first dog healing story.

In November 2012 a friends big dog got suddenly very sick and brought it too the vet. The vet found out that the dog had devoured a big rubber dog toy, which was made of toxic material. The vet immediatly operated on the dog's stomach. Unfortunately the toy pieces were already in the dog's intestines. Unable to operate on his intestines the dog had to dispose of the toy in the natural way, or it would die.

This process had to be supported by a special diet as his stomach and intestines were totally inflamed, raw and painful. The next 24 hrs were crucial to see if the dog would make it through the night. Thank God it did!!!

During the next week the dogs bowel movement had sort of returned to normal but still non of the toy's pieces had come out. The dog was dramatically losing weight, because the poison was spreading through his body. Then my friend rang me and asked if I could do a healing on the dog. I said I can at least try.

I once had done a short healing on a friends baby. (I'm not comparing a baby with a dog!) But the baby also had digestive problems. Approximately 15 min after the 10 min session, the baby let it all go!!! After that she fell asleep happily and exhausted from all that releasing and slept for almost 4 hrs!

I did a 2x20 min session on the dog. My friend rang me the next morning with the happy news telling me that the shredded toy had come out! Then a few days later she rang me with the news that the dog had gained already 2 pounds of weight! Such great news for the dog, its owner and myself too, as this is the first time I have done a healing session on an animal! And straight away it had a positive outcome!

We must of course foremost thank the vet as she has done a great job on operating the dog and choosing the right diet and following up treatment for the dog!!! And not to forget my friends devoted care of the beloved dog during it's healing process.

I want to also hereby thank my friend who has given me the trust and opportunity to work on the dog! And my spirit guides off course for their guidance! NOV 2012