"I'm so glad I've met Pina!! She’s like an angel sent on my path to help me finish off this final stage of my healing journey, straight into my freedom.  She is the real deal for real.

The connection to my soul was stripped down till the bone in order for me to be born on the face of this earth. All in the name of experiencing contrast quite all the way, the trauma of separation (from Source/Self) so I could become conscious, in alignment with my true essence, freed from entanglements and illusions.

I was forewarned the last mile would be the longest, but i was not forewarned it would be as ruthless as i experienced. I’d compare it to how I imagine one must have felt in the trenches of the first world war. Nothing left but sheer and continuous godforsaken panic that lasted for months.

I was already wrecked and exhausted while entering this part of the journey, but this situation made my stomach collapse on top of that almost immediately, which resulted in an ongoing acid re-flux destroying my throat. Stuff that made me go in a straight up panic.

I was ready to go to hospital, I thought I was dying, and had rushed to the emergency room several times. I know I had to undergo this in order to face my deepest fears so I could heal them. Stuff I probably would have not been able to do otherwise. But I had real trouble overcoming this phase.

I was still quite messed up and in a state of deep depression and panic when I had my first healing session from Pina, a little over a month ago now. I  feel my healing process has speed up quite significantly ever since. Pina was dead on about my physical problems and the underlying trauma’s. She mentioned how all my fears where situated around the throat. 

How the amount of suffocation I endured, became apparent around the age of nine. 
And how the psychical sensations in my throat triggered all of these suffocation and abandonment trauma’s. After the first session my stomach started to ease down more, 
and I climbed out of the worst bits of panic and physical damage. 


The second session, 2 weeks later was more concentrated on the throat. I came off the table with a headache. It makes sense, also because Pina told me the real inflammation is in my head :) Almost immediately after I came home I dove into a deep depression, which later the next day turned into sadness leaving me. 

During the first night I also sensed physical alterations going on in my throat. Later on I could also literally feel how the trauma feelings were being separated from the psychical sensations I felt in my throat. 

Wonderfully enough, later that same week I made that final touchdown into that state beyond the state of trauma. Piercing right through my heart, into that space called unity.  That thing I've been working towards all my life. It’s just the beginning, and I still got some healing work to do.

I really feel Pina has been a strong catalyst so far helping me lots pulling myself out of of my lowest state of being. She works magic. I can also feel that during the healing work. 
By the way. Looking forward to the third edition! 

My gratitude is immense, thank you dear Pina!"

"Pina creates the conditions, the space/the safety so real changes kan take place. It's simply a fact!" 

Image result for healing is not that the damage never existed

You're so very welcome dear X.
Thank You so much for sharing your story on this blog.
In this way you can help others find their courage
and self-love and to welcome their own healer within!

Healing is embracing yourself as you would welcome your best friend

During the sessions I'm channelling spiritual love energy
Your job is allowing yourself to re-find the way to your self-love,
which is your true essence, and using your courage towards healing.

Don't be a worrier. Be a warrior.
Any warrior spirit wants to commence a quest.
The fulfilment of your happiness is just around
the corner because yoursoulfullofit!
Excerpt page 4: Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis

You, the spiritual world and my spirit guides: what a great team!!!


All appointments by appointments only: 😊

For appointment @de Roos, please bring a towel and come 5 min earlier 
before your session so you can wash your hands or use the facilities.

If you want/need to cancel your session I ask you hereby kindly to let me know on time.
When cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, the reserved time will not be charged.

Just as it would be at a doctor, dentist, massage and physio therapy, etc appointment.
I'm a 1 woman self-employed business. Thank you for your understanding, Pina. 

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