Sunday 7 July 2024


 #manifestation #astrologyThis is a meditation for the July 7/7 portal. It is also during the New Moon in Cancer. In this meditation we will connect with the 7/7 portal and the amplifying energy of the n

Saturday 8 June 2024


 The most asked question to me over and over again is,Do you get tired from your work"?

Labour with love is bliss. Love is what really matters. Love flows. 
People are waiting to be recognized as real people. 
Dr Gladys McGarey.

My immediate response is a big smile, a happy heart, and an instant answer: 'No, it doesn't.' 

During every session I channel/experience such overwhelming feelings of spiritual love that I don't feel tired when working. I can start at 9 am and suddenly it's the end of the day. Yes of course, I can feel tired because I've been standing all day, but my spirit is always happily soaring at the end of a workday. The results, responses and feedback of the people about their sessions make me so happy. So no, my work doesn't make me tired. 

Like I suggest everyone to take good care of themselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually, I try to the same as possible. I do my best to make sure I rest sufficient the day before I work and the day after. For this particular reason I don't work every day, so I stay healthy and happy whilst working my love purpose.

The energies I work with and that the person feels during a session are not mine. I receive the energies from the spiritual world. I am the conduit where the energies pass through. Before I start I do my special meditation, grounding and protection exercises. When fully protected I invite all the benevolent spirits for the people who are coming for a healing session that day. I ask them to assist and guide me, to keep me healthy and happy. To give the person who comes for a session the healing they need and can process. 

The diversity of the people I meet for sessions is just so amazing, therefore I really love every sessions. As I wrote in my book, I never know who's coming through the door or what we're going to work on until the person is on the plinth. My work is very alive and every session is as much a surprise to me as the person who's on the table. We just go with the flow given to us. I'm also not taking on anyone emotions when working. I protect myself fully, in this way I stay a clear channel for healing.

I can honestly say that I have such a blessed and varied life! I'm an inspirer, channel for healing, percussionist, writer and an inventor. I keep my immune system super high with vitamins and minerals. I'm 64, I don't have any medication. I'm in great health! So lucky that I've lived for 22 years next to the Atlantic Ocean. Now I live 5 min walk away from de Nord Sea.

So if anyone asks me if my work makes me tired? My answer will always be NO! How can it when i'm a channel for healing? It makes me extremely happy! It's my reason for living! My reason for living is loving! How amazing is that!!! I've come a long way! 😊

Through my work I've learned that self love is the best cure for all things!!! I've finally stopped the life of approval. It took a while, but hey, better late then never! Thank You all for keeping on searching and finding your true self! Never give up on your-self! We're all a part of the puzzle called life! Px

I wrote a book about it:
Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis
Liefde is de Essentie van de Zielen Cocon

Friday 31 May 2024


Pina. All I can say is WOW! 

After the 1 session I felt a huge energy shift in my hips, this has helped me to stand stronger, even my balance has improved. My upper back, shoulders and neck seem to have had a great weight lifted from them and I feel much lighter. I slept so much better. My life has changed since that session/I met you, in a very good way. Thank you so much, R.

A treatment with Pina is a sensation in itself. 
It is an inner journey that releases 
special sensations in both the body and the brain.
Highly recommended. W.F

Tuesday 19 March 2024


Please click on the links below or scan QR code for all info. 


   I've just purchased your Medi-Wings and can’t wait to get them.
I've tried Alice's set and I loved them!!! ML
What a simple and clever idea.
I for one have that problem when lying on a treatment table.

                             I AM IN LOVE 🥰 says Aimee Scalon Irish Acupuncturist

One of the long standing issues I've had in here over the years is how to needle some of the acupuncture points on the inside of a clients arm and have them rest their arm in a comfortable manner (and not knock needles out...).

I was DELIGHTED to discover that the solution had finally been created- I've never made an impulse purchase as quickly as this one!! I'm only on Day 2 of using the #apinna #mediwings and already I can see that these are a GAMER CHANGER. No more clumsy rolled up towels or awkwardly positioned stools! Feedback has been fantastic from everyone I've used them with so far.

If you're an acupuncturist, you need these. If you're one of my clients, I've probably mentioned this exact problem to you many-a-time and am looking forward to introducing you all to my newest love!!

What an excellent idea - truly, a wonderful product. NR

Nicole Masters Licensed Acupuncturist, San Francisco, CA

'Upon first impression of the Medi-Wing apparatus, I love the shape and clean white colour. It's slim and easy to use. It is such an improvement for me to use over the hap hazard use of chairs and treatment pillows to support my patients limbs. It is much more professional to slide Medi-Wings in place and move forward with ease. 

It is addressing a real concern and safety issue I had with a patient falling asleep while the acupuncture needles were in place and I left the room. If a limb fell off the table and it would wake the patient in an undesirable way and possibly lead to a bruise at the needle site. My patients are happy with the Medi-Wings support system, it feels natural & unobtrusive'

                                                           ANIU TRIBAL QUOTE

I purchased my APinna for my personal use during my sacral cranial sessions. It has made such a difference to the treatment as I can feel my shoulders open up when using my "wings", and the session has been much more beneficial. It also enables you to move your arms and shoulders as you wish, with no disturbance which is great  for this therapy. I forgot to bring them on my last visit , and both myself and the therapist noticed the difference, my shoulders did not relax and heal as well as they do with the APinna. Can wholeheartedly recommend! J.W.

Hi there. I LOVE this APinna product. I was googling ways to make my massage table more comfortable. I couldn't find anything! I just looked and found your page after about an hour. I am moving into a clinic space with 4 treatment rooms and I'd like to buy a set for each room. 

My patients really enjoy the flexibility with different positions that these give them. It's important to me that my patients are as comfortable as possible and these are just wonderful. In fact, my patients and I loved my first set so much, I just ordered 3 more for every room in my clinic. 

There's nothing else out there like these! HIGHLY recommended. 

Thank you Pina for creating this amazing product!!!

Dr. Crystal Ford, DACM, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM), L.Ac., Oregon US Deschutes Acupuncture 

Thank You for having taken the time to read this page, Pina

Wednesday 21 February 2024


I've started blogging here at the beginning of 2014, before that I've been blogging on Wordpress for at least another 8 years 🎉🥳I loved writing every post, but it takes away my focus of finishing my 2nd/3rd book. Translating, editing and publishing Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis took nearly 1 year🎉🥳 I have also deleted both my FaceBook and Twitter business accounts. See homepage for the few sites  which are very much alive 😊

    As one of my New Years resolutions, 

                       I'll love you but leave you for a while, as they say in Ireland, 

      🎉🥳to finish writing and getting; Only Visiting this Planet, edited and published. 

                                                          I'll better get cracking😅

With love from the Wild Atlantic Way: Baltimore

Please scroll away at ViaPina, if you like. There is 10 years of posts to be read/re-read 🎉🥳

2023 was a great year for me, I hope it was a great year for you too🎉🥳

or you've started some new exciting endavours/works in progress 🎉🥳

Thank You for visiting ViaPina online for the last 18 years🎉🥳

I'm looking forward to what 2024 has in store 🎉🥳

I will however update my monthly schedule  🎉🥳

I wish you again a wonderful & magical NY🎉🥳

Gra mor & much love to all 💖Px