Sunday 17 September 2023


     I have always been a fan of alternative therapy or healing and was absolutely delighted when I was referred to Pina, a super gifted spiritual healer. From the minute we met it felt as though she completely understood why I was there.

     Her sessions are so totally relaxing i felt as though I had to peel myself off the massage table afterwards,  I didn't want to leave! In that short space of time she somehow taught me how to make peace with all the new changes we had to face, and I felt filled with optimism, joy and renewed passion for the exciting time that lay ahead.

     Although Pina does not do a physical massage, I felt more relaxed than a full day spa! Her method is more of a body stress release, releasing all stagnant aches and pains in the body stored through emotional trauma we all endure on a daily basis. 

I highly recommend this form of therapy. Once you meet Pina you will understand for yourself. Be good to yourself, book a session.       BR - Expat in Amsterdam -

Monday 11 September 2023


 My aim is to inspire and to empower someone 

             than by the end of the day my job is truly done.


                                  Saweetie/Icy Girl

Tuesday 5 September 2023


It is hard to describe Pina's work, but it is defenitely a truly holistic approach which is based on the full body treatment. While laying on the massage table, I felt a  very deep relaxation and at the same time I was filled with energy! The treatment itself is a pleasant experience, which requires literally no effort, one just needs to relax and move the way the body suggests itself. Within a single hour a lot changed in the way I feel emotionally and the way my body feels as well/

After every treatment, I got a significant improvement in my condition which was barely improving after taking medication or physiotherapy. Also as a positive by-product, my digestion improved, and my back feels more relaxed. In addition to that , it improved  my emotional state and overall levels of energy for geting things done. I also got rid of some emotional burden associated with the symptoms and the disease itself. After a few more session I feel almost healthy, which is very impressive given the disorder is almost 15 years old. Z.A