A strong man thinks he has to always be strong,
a man of strength knows that he doesn't have to prove himself.

A strong man thinks he has to do everything alone,
a man of strength knows he can ask for help.

A strong man thinks he is responsible for everyone,
a man of strength feels he is part of a team.

A strong man makes things happen with his mind or body,
a man of strength follows his heart and soul for the right outcome.

A strong man pushes himself past his limit and becomes agitated,
a man of strength lets his possibilities guide him toward his true-self.

A strong man puts a yoke on his shoulders and suffers in silence,
a man of strength learns that responsibilities can be carried and shared.

A strong man thinks that he must be respected for what he does,
a man of strength knows that he is loved for his kindness.

Author Pina Lazara 2015

The last 10 years I've shared the poem: A strong woman vs a woman of strength, and have heard in many different ways how helpful it has been, and still is. Unfortunately this wonderful author is unknown.

For many years the idea to write a poem about: A strong man vs a man of strength; has been lingering in my mind. Finally I wrote one today and here it is!

This one is for all the men of strength who think that they have to be strong all the time, either from or for other people. Try to feel your own  inner strength for your own happiness.
Your happiness will automatically make others happy too!

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