Friday 23 June 2017


Here is yet another passionate piece written by moi Pina the designer of the APinna portable arm supports 😊. THEY are so innovative that seeing them on a video or photo it's difficult to believe that they are so amazingly comfortable for your client or customer to lay on. They look hard, yet when you experience it for yourself, all you feel is the support it offers to your lower back and therefore to the rest of your body. 99% of people when laying on them utter the word "genius" or "brilliant". I'm writing this today not only to promote our fabulous product but also because I wish that more people start using it and experience APinna instant comfort for themselves. This video is still one of my favourite moments with Sheano how passionate he was when experiencing APinna for the first time! He thought that just by laying on them that was the thing! When I told him that you're laying on them AND THEN undergo any type of treatment, he uttered the word MIND BOGGLING, and yes that's what APinna is. Thank You for taking the time out to read this. Please share this page. Have a lovely weekend. Thanks Pina