Tuesday 20 December 2016


I’m standing in a kind of church, there are many people around. Suddenly two Amazonian rain forest women are standing in front of me. Their bodies are painted white. Their faces are also painted white in the tradition of Las Dias De Las Muertos (Day of the Dead), but decorated with colourful flowers petals. Whilst they’re smiling so gently to me with their peaceful eyes, I recognise them as Ma and Johanna. After I've recognised them they run away hand in hand. Nobody else saw them, nor did they show themselves to anyone else. I wasn't to sad as their hello and goodbye had filled me with a warm and loving feeling. They'd shown me that they were together again and free of pain…

I dreamed this 6 nights before my sister Johanna past away. I was with her when she did.
I felt our mother the night before my sister died in the hospital room, 
letting me know that she came to collect her soon.

# In memory of my mother  Jeanne 1-4-2011//1-4-2016
and my sister Johanna Maria 20-12-2011// 20-12-16 #


On the day I die, when I'm being

carried away toward the grave, don't weep.

Don't say, " He's gone! He's gone!"

Death has nothing to do with going away.

The sun sets and the moon sets,

but they have not gone.

Death is a coming together.

The tomb looks like a prison,

but it's really release

into Union

The human seed goes down in the ground

like a bucket into the well where Joseph is.

It grows and comes up full

of some un-imagined beauty.

Your mouth closes here

and immediately opens

with a shout of joy there.

Rumi~ 43 Odes ~ Versions by Coleman Barks

Wednesday 14 December 2016


Emptiness is a name for nothingness.
A name for ungraspability.

A name for mountains, rivers, the whole earth.
It is also called the real form.

In the green of the pines.
The twist of the brambles.

There is no going or coming:
In the red of the flowers.

And the white of the snow.
There is no birth and no death.


Thursday 1 December 2016


The feathery snowflakes fell to earth
     Throughout the Winter night,
     And by the following morning
       The countryside was white.
      A quiet beauty filled the air
        Across the country land
  But then the wind began to blow;
       Snow drifted like the sand.
 The winds created snow drifts high
            In various designs.
Huge snowdrifts, snowdrifts everywhere,
            But just one of a kind,
 The downy flakes that fell from Heaven
     Brought with them delight...
             A terra firma coverlet
      And snowdrifts, sculpture-like.

        Author Loise Pinkerton Fritz