Monday 26 June 2023


On my way home just now, I saw a senior citizen sitting in her little garden with her face in the sun.
We had a chat for a few minutes and when I walked on, I heard her say to her cat, " that was nice from that lady to talk to us for a little while, that did me well". 

Hearing her say that made me also feel good! 
Being nice is a kind thing to do, for yourself and others.

One day in the far away future, I'll be that elderly woman, hoping someone stops by for a chat.
Have a nice day! The sun is surely doing it's best! Px

RE-POST 2022

Thursday 22 June 2023


 As sudden as the music had stopped it started again. I felt like checking my phone. The music was clearly playing, but I saw that the internet was still downloading! Unfortunately when I took a screenshot you can't see the white circle.

I was so flabbergasted that I took the phone and showed her that the music was playing and the wifi loading at the same time!

One of the things spirits love to do is reveal their presence through technical interventions. This is easy for them as they are only energy, although humans aren’t always able to interpret their signals.

The reason why I wanted to write about and share this particular session is that this kind of intervention has not happened before.

I told her what her husband's message was. 'I've shown myself more today then in the previous sessions, because I need to tell her that I am here to let her know that the time to let go of her more has come'.       

This was very difficult for me as person to say but as a spirit channel I must stay pure and in the moment. When I told her his message she said that it confirmed what she also felt lately, that he needed to let go more. 

This had been her question to me, which she didn't had to ask because he had already answered her. How amazing! She also told me she had the feeling of having been floating most of the session. I'm for sure that during this session he'd ensconced her extra with his everlasting love for her.

I have full permission to publish this story.
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Monday 12 June 2023


I like to share this particular session of how the spiritual world shows itself to me in an extraordinarily way. All sessions are without any doubt amazing but some are extra amazingly clear! Many people come to me after having lost someone who was very dear to them.

A woman comes to me sometimes for a session after her beloved husband had died unexpectedly. They had a beautiful love and family together. His loving healing energy is always present in every session. Last month she came again for a session and this time she had a particular question, that she didn't want to talk about until after the session. 

During the sessions I always play some background music. After 15 minutes in the session or so the music suddenly stopped and there was an utter and complete silence. Normally when the music stops it is because the internet falls out, and it quickly comes back on, but today it was a very different story.

This time her husband came through very clearly. He'd stopped the music for his message, whilst at the same time he assisted me "physically" very strongly. I was not allowed to tell her the message in the session, only afterwards. Whilst this all happened I was holding her legs in a gentle stretch and than he suddenly started stretching her legs quite firmly, even a few jerks, which he's never done before.

It was so unexpected that I nearly lost my balance. Normally I know what's going to happen, or what they're about to do. After that he assisted me again, quite firmly with stretching her right arm. After that he assisted me again in that similar way with firmly stretching her left arm. 

I've written about this "physical spirit assistance" phenomena in my book explaining why it sometimes happens so strongly and other times not. The spiritual world is always present in the sessions and show their presence in many different ways. Sometimes they are present but not participate, only observe.

To be continued in Angel@my healing room and final part 3

RE-POST 2021

I have full permission to publish this story. 

Tuesday 6 June 2023

πŸ’– ENERGY PORTAL 6-6-2023 πŸ’–

The 6:6 Portal will take place on the 6th of June; the sixth day of the sixth month. This is a numerical portal day, which presents the opportunity for major energetic upgrades if you choose to access the energies. Numerological portal days are simply a day where the energies are heightened due to the repetition in the number, each number holds a different vibration and energetic meaning. The number six represents harmonious balance; of bringing Heaven to Earth. As we are in the sign of Gemini, you can combine the energies of Gemini with the energy and vibration of the number six, so you can work to manifest unconditional love within your relationships in harmony with the Universe. In this short video, you will learn more about what the 6:6 Gemini Portal means,
along with how you can make the most of these energies with our short guided meditation.


Sunday 4 June 2023


The June 2023 full moon occurs a day after Venus in Cancer forms an exact trine (120° angle) with Neptune in Pisces and the moon in Scorpio, creating a "grand trine" alignment. This alignment enhances the magical and mystical qualities associated with love, attraction, art, beauty, and spiritual connections.    

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Friday 2 June 2023


Angel Number 737 suggests that you have chosen a spiritual life and lifestyle and have listened to your soul’s higher calling. Your angels encourage you to keep up the great work and know that you are supported, well blessed and loved.