Thursday 22 June 2023


 As sudden as the music had stopped it started again. I felt like checking my phone. The music was clearly playing, but I saw that the internet was still downloading! Unfortunately when I took a screenshot you can't see the white circle.

I was so flabbergasted that I took the phone and showed her that the music was playing and the wifi loading at the same time!

One of the things spirits love to do is reveal their presence through technical interventions. This is easy for them as they are only energy, although humans aren’t always able to interpret their signals.

The reason why I wanted to write about and share this particular session is that this kind of intervention has not happened before.

I told her what her husband's message was. 'I've shown myself more today then in the previous sessions, because I need to tell her that I am here to let her know that the time to let go of her more has come'.       

This was very difficult for me as person to say but as a spirit channel I must stay pure and in the moment. When I told her his message she said that it confirmed what she also felt lately, that he needed to let go more. 

This had been her question to me, which she didn't had to ask because he had already answered her. How amazing! She also told me she had the feeling of having been floating most of the session. I'm for sure that during this session he'd ensconced her extra with his everlasting love for her.

I have full permission to publish this story.
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