Monday 28 August 2023



You have to break down to level up.

We’ve all heard the saying “once in a blue moon,” but now we’ll get to experience one as August 30 delivers a super blue full moon in Pisces.

The upcoming Pisces moon is also the second super moon of the month, closing out August with a major bang. Taking place in the midst of a Venus and Mercury retrograde, a super blue full moon is bound to supercharge your spiritual powers.

Pisces are especially emotional and intuitive, so expect to be deep in your feelings as the lines separating the physical and spiritual realms will blur. While seeing 11:11 on your microwave might not mean much, pay attention to your dreams, certain coincidences and messages you may get from those close to you as well as your own intuition. This particular lunation will also prove to you that embracing your sensitive side will be the key to your success.

A watery Pisces full moon at the start of strong and steady Virgo’s season invites you to tune into your subconscious for a better reality. Our deep-seated desires and beliefs guide our thoughts and actions more than we realize, so harness the energy of the full moon to free yourself from the emotional anchors holding you back. 

Jupiter is also teaming up with Uranus, forcing us to take a good hard look at ourselves and own up to how we’ve been selling ourselves short. You can’t become the person you need to be by holding onto versions of yourself you’ve outgrown. For more info about the influence for your starsign click on link below.

Monday 21 August 2023


What is it that you have always longed for? Don't wait anymore and give it to yourself! What is it that makes you still wait for others to fill your needs? Be a bit more 'selfish' and fill the self that already is-h. That loving self-is person lives within yourself. Don't keep looking for the outside world to love you first but begin within yourself.

Don't wait for approval, don't wait for it anymore!!! Just give whatever you need to feel good about yourself to yourself. You're the only person you have to be with, EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY. So start with yourself, then be a positive light to others.

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When we all do this, we let our love shine and spiral out into our world. Make yourself happy and your happiness will radiate to others. We are all made of Love. We are all energy, feel good about yourself, use your positive aspects. Say yes to yourself and be a part of the self-is-h chain reaction.

Keep your heart open, something magical and wonderfully unexpected could happen.

Excerpt: Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis

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Universal Love Meditation

Somewhere in myself I can feel love that is not dependant on others.  I can allow myself to open the door and feel love, as I want.  The more I feel love the more I radiate love. The more I receive love back the more I feel love.
Through this I allow myself to love myself.
Because I radiate love, I fill my house with love.  Everything that blocks that energy, I remove and purify.  Through this I feel at home and allow myself to love myself.
I am aware of my qualities, pitfalls and impossibilities.  I only do what I believe in and nothing under the influence of others.  Otherwise I block my love energy.  I take care of myself, so I develop myself, I support myself.
Through this I allow myself to love myself.
I listen to my body and where I feel tension I fill this place with love.  I let go of everything that blocks my love energy.  I take good care of myself, dress myself in clothes I feel good and pretty in. I eat healthy so I stay healthy.
Through this I allow myself to love myself.
I only draw people towards myself who are a mirror of myself.  I am open to learn who I am, and I’m aware that everything happens for development through trail.  Ultimately everything bends to love, what is love, stays love.
Through this I allow myself to love myself.
Every emotion other than love is a signal to undertake steps.  So this energy can flow freely again.  I’m aware that my love allows others to feel love.  So this can work like a chain all over the world. I am part of the Universe…
I love myself.
Author unknown

RE-P0ST 2019

Sunday 13 August 2023


Combining the energies of 3 and 7, angel number 373 symbolizes a harmonious blend of creative expression and spiritual exploration. It encourages us to infuse our daily lives with passion, authenticity, and a deep sense of purpose.

Thursday 10 August 2023


The concept of an Organ Clock in Chinese med is a useful tool in understanding why this occurs. In Chinese medicine, energy or qi, moves through the body's meridians and organs in a 24 hour cycle. Every two hours the qi (or energy) is strongest within a particular organ and its functions within the body.

Click on the link below to open the wheel. When you hover with your cursor over a particular colour, the explanation will unfold

                                                           RE-POST AUG 2014

Monday 7 August 2023



                                  What is the Lionsgate 88 Portal?

The Lionsgate 88 Portal is the opening of a galactic gate that delivers high-frequency energy into our beings, allowing us to rebirth our spirit energy and the spirit energy of Mother Earth. This high-frequency energy can be used to open our energy centers, inspire new ideas, raise our consciousness, and enhance our ability to receive psychic downloads.  To read the whole article please click on the link below. 


                                               How do I celebrate the Lion's gate Portal?

Since the Lion’s Gate Portal is a relatively new event, any rituals in celebration of it can be totally customized to your liking. Choose Crystals that protect and create abundance for an altar to honor the event. And much like other manifestation events, taking a pen to paper and simply writing out your wishes and desires is a fool-proof method for reshaping your reality.

RE-POST 2022

Saturday 5 August 2023


When people come to me for a healing session, whatever their reason might be, I tell them in the first few minutes what I can help them with. Also that a session with me is sort of the opposite of having a massage session. Whilst undergoing a massage you are, mostly quiet and relaxing. During a session with me you are participating in your healing journey, the relaxation will be after the work done. A healing session can be life changing. For more info you can visit the home page: What happens in a healing session? Thank You, Pina.


When I finally began to work as a medium, all kinds of benevolent energies came to
help me in a healing session. Over the years I became more and more receptive to the
client’s ancestral realm. Most spirits//angels are deceased relatives who come to help
in their family member’s healing. This could be a grandparent, parent, aunt, uncle, sister,
brother, child, cousin, niece or nephew. 

Some recurring themes in my healing sessions were related to family history and its patterns, 
especially in cases where trauma has taken place within the family line.

This was a total revelation to me. By helping people with their family history,  I came to 
understand the journey of my own life more.I realised that I am indeed a conduit for the 
wounded healer and my life purpose is to serve others.The Universe was happy when I
finally came to trust this particular guidance. My distress was over. One of my guides
was particularly pleased with my development. He had been patiently waiting for my 
understanding for many years, in fact since the day Lara passed over.
Now that I was fully following his directed guidance, we could finally work together properly.

                                     WHEN THERE IS NO COMMITMENT,
                                     EVOLUTION CANNOT TAKE PLACE,
                                     NO MATTER WHO IS INVOLVED IN
                                     THE RELATIONSHIP. ’Madan Gopal'.

The family ancestors, their wisdom and unconditional love, can help to heal any
family matter. The trauma can be emotional, verbal, physical or sexual and doesn’t
have to have happened to the person coming for a session. It could be that negative
behaviour patterns have always existed in people’s relationships within the family.
Even if the abuser is not in the person’s life, trauma could still be a disturbing factor.
Unfortunately many people believe they should just ‘get on with it’. This is a message
from the ‘good old days’, the days when you didn’t talk about what was hurting
you. It causes people to put on a big smile and hide what’s going on inside them.

People sometimes think that ignoring pain makes it go away, but in reality it magnifies
the pain even more, prolonging it so that the abuse lasts for ever. Living a life of emotional
pain is like reliving the abuse every day. It will be like an aggressive wasp inside our heads,
our hearts, our bodies. It will keep hurting until we look at it straight on.
When the day comes that you want to try to be free of guilt and low self-esteem,
have the courage to change those patterns. When you can say to yourself,
‘I want to feel good about myself and to feel beauty-full’
and ‘I want to end my suffering and feel my courage and my own strength’,
then a new door will open in your life.

Whatever has happened to you, you must try not to let it ruin the rest of your
life. Stop giving away the best part of yourself. We are more then our minds. We are
more then our bodies. We can learn that we don’t have to be afraid anymore of what
other people think of us or say about us. Our hearts are born full of good intentions.
Illness comes from emotional stillness. Anger, fear, sadness and pain will only go
away when you dress their wounds with kindness and address your pain. What has
caused your fear and sadness? What are the real underlining reasons for it? What
triggers the suffering to surface again and again?

If you didn’t like your hand, your leg, your nose, would you cut it off?
Ignoring these feelings is like emotional mutilation.
One day, a good day, these thoughts that linger under the surface of our mind will
rise up and refuse to be denied anymore. This will be a positive moment, because
you can finally start the healing process before your pain sets in train a chronic illness
or other serious problem. All negative behaviour is negative reflection. When
you hold other people’s thoughts in your head and your heart, their words can rule
your life.

YOURSELF.’ Quote from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis

Tuesday 1 August 2023


August 2023 is putting on two lunar shows for us, coming in the form of two super full moons. The Sturgeon Moon, the first of the month's full moons, rises on Aug. 1 in the sign of Aquarius. The second full moon in August, nicknamed a Blue Moon for occurring in the same month as another full moon, rises on Aug. 30


Full Moons are a time for releasing and relinquishing. 
If you have an excess in your life, this is the time for it to go down the drain. Through silent meditation, exchanging of thoughts, or spiritual practice, Full Moons are a point when we can let go. Full article below