Friday 30 October 2020


 Hi Pina. Hoe is het met je? Still going strong? 😊 

Ik wou je nog even zeggen dat ik nog steeds erg dankbaar ben voor de ommekeer die jij teweeg hebt gebracht door de healings. Het gaat eigenlijk steeds beter met me. Ik voel me echt lichter en vrijer. Niet altijd natuurlijk maar overall wel. Door je boek ben ik ook geïnteresseerd geraakt in Louise Hay. Heb nu net haar boek uit” Heal your Live. Ik heb er heel veel aan.


Met mijn sinussen gaat het ook nog steeds prima , net als voor die chronische ontsteking. Het is weer vrij in de holtes. Ik ben twee weken geleden nog bij de KNO arts geweest omdat ik nog steeds op de wachtlijst stond voor een operatie. Er is weer een CT scan gemaakt en voila het blijkt nu dat de zwelling /snot enz in alle holtes weg is. Hoe mooi. 

Ga me nu echt niet meer laten opereren en dat bevestigde de KNO arts ook.


 Ik hoop het allerbeste voor jou. Groeten K

Wauw! Wauw! Wauw, K! Wat een geweldig nieuws! En dat na 2 sessies!! Van een lange tijd van pijn en op de lijst te staan voor een operatie, naar dit! Ik ben nog steeds elke keer weer overwhelmed van de resultaten! Ik ben je zo dankbaar voor je vertrouwen in mijn werk EN degene die jou naar mij toe heeft verwezen! Teamwork all the way!

         Heel veel liefs en ook jij het allerbeste! Liefs Pina.

Monday 26 October 2020



I hear it many times," I have pain". Where does pain come from? What starts to feel pain first???

Is it the mind, the heart, the spirit or the body? Our complex nerves system has millions of neurons.
This is a specialised cell transmitting a nerve impulse. What triggers what?

People will most of the time point out their physical pain first, they will say, 'it's here and oh no it's there. We talk easily about our physical pain, as physical pain is well accepted. Doctors give it a name, to recognise it. I believe that- sometimes- giving it a name is what holds it! The name gets stuck in the mind and keeps giving out negative messages on which the body keeps responding.

Emotional pain can express itself in many ways, even in physical illness!!! Some illness can be a result of emotional stillness, others from ignoring certain emotions we don't really like to deal with!
Dis-comfort can manifest itself and can just start as a nag, or a constant nagging, an ache, a pain.
It can express itself as a cyst, eczema, asthma, earache, headache, stiff shoulders, back pain, chronic pain, etc,etc,etc, you name it!


We have to learn to talk about where the real pain comes from in the first place, how it got there, and how much time it took to get so painful. Most of all what is or what was the cause and what can you do about it yourself to ease it it or take this pain away. Don't forget that the physical body and the emotional body are one! Pains and aches are signals to undertake change.
Ask for help if you can't do it alone.


Forgiveness is the process of dropping off your emotional baggage ...

Tell yourself that you don't want it, that you don't need it anymore, maybe you did need it for a while to give yourself a reason to rest or to take time out. But learn to do that without having pain! Pain prevents your happiness, you don't need to suffer. Some people will say easier said then done, that is true but not for all. For some it disappears faster then for others, it all depends what the reason is and how much time it took it to become a discomfort, pain or a dis-ease!

I have nothing against going to a doctor if it is necessary, but sometimes we go to fast to a doctor.

Allow yourself first to feel and to listen to the wisdom of your body!

If you give your body the chance it can sometimes fix itself, you could be surprised about your own natural abilities...Most of the time if you love/like yourself pains can go away and then you feel better, uplifted,

The Universe is waiting for you to make that decision, BY YOU MAKING the first step and then they can help you. It is not about being good or perfect, It is about loving yourself, feeling that you have the right to be happy, beautiful and that your suffering is no longer necessary...

When you do need to go to a doctor that is fine, but keep your power by doing so. Remember that you work as a team together, your healing from within and outer healing... Don't let your emotional distress grow out as physical pain, prevention is always better than treating symptoms, so talk to someone you trust, ease your heart and busy head...blessed be...Pina

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Thursday 22 October 2020


During or after a session I mostly smudge your aura ( your energy field ) with Sage or Palo Santo. These herbs/sacred woods don't only smell uplifting and enchanting but also cleanse your body, mind and spirit.

Smudging has been traditionally used to safeguard against negativity that could interfere with sleep. Some research suggests that sage contains compounds that could help ease insomnia. Classic garden sage (Salvia officinalis) is sometimes burned like white sage. It's also been used to improve sleep and soothe anxiety. Also to cleanse your house, office or any other space from negative energy.

Image result for sage leavesImage result for palo santo tree

Palo Santo Los
In times like today with so much air pollution & now also Covid-19,
Sage & Palo Santo are also excellent remedies to purify the air in your house, office or any other space.

To read about the many healing properties of Palo Santo click

To read about the many healing properties of Sage click

You can also make your own cleansing spray from 100 % chemical free natural essential oils.
Buy spray bottle, fill with water add any drops of your fav essential oils, shake and ready to use!!!

The best one know for it's antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti fungal properties is tea tree oil. A person can treat acne, athlete's foot, contact dermatitis or head lice using tea tree oil. You can dulite it or not, which ever way you prefer.

Or you can also put oil burners in different spaces in your house, shop, offices, etc, click on link

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An aura is an protective energy field (electromagnetic field) that radiates about your body from the various main chakras that line up from the top of your head to the base of your spine. A human aura is like the energy field that is around a space ship like in Star Wars or Star Trek 😊 The Ozon layer is the protective shield around the earth.  Have fun exploring which oil you like best.

Saturday 10 October 2020


2 cancellations on Sunday 11 October in Zandvoort aan Zee at 15.00 and 16.00. And still one session available on 21st at 10.30 at de Roos. PM me or visit the Roos agenda if you're interested. Wishing ya'll a wonderful weekend, Px

Friday 9 October 2020


Why Sensitive People Have Gut Issues

Science is now discovering that our digestive system literally digests our emotions during our sleep cycle!

Our stomach is talking to our brain and sending it feedback about the emotions we have experienced during the day. The feedback the brain gets, is then translated into our dreams sometimes, especially if we have had strong emotions during the course of our day. Our stomach literally processes our emotions as well as our food.

Following the logic here, sensitive people would find they have digestive issues, whether they are aware of their sensitivity or not. Most people think it's to do with the food, medication and alcohol consumption, and to a certain degree it is. But if you have gone down all the paths of healing your digestive system and still find you are having issues, then this is the next avenue of exploration.

Treating our physical bodies on just the physical level is living in the old paradigm of separation. Nothing is separate. If you have an imbalance in the physical body, then the answer most likely lies in the mental, emotional and spiritual levels of your being. You are not a victim of you biology! You are in control of your body, your thoughts, your belief systems and how you react to the world around you. In fact it is the only thing you do have control over.