Since the end of 1992 the numbers 3-6-9 kept coming into my mind.
                                 Then in 1993 I wrote a small story, which I gave the title 3-6-9,
                                 which has become the heart of my book that I published in 2015
                                 LOVE IS THE ESSENCE OF THE SOUL CHRYSALIS.
In 2010 I bought a little book called ANGEL NUMBERS 101 from Doreen Virtue at her workshop in San Francisco. I looked up the numbers 3-6-9// 369 and this is the interpretation;

369 according to Nikola Tesla

Bit of an annoying voice, but very interesting video if you like the numbers 3-6-9

All appointments by appointments only: 😊

For appointment @de Roos, please bring a towel and come 5 min earlier 
before your session so you can wash your hands or use the facilities.

If you want/need to cancel your session I ask you hereby kindly to let me know on time.
When cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, the reserved time will not be charged.

Just as it would be at a doctor, dentist, massage and physio therapy, etc appointment.
I'm a 1 woman self-employed business. Thank you for your understanding, Pina. 

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