TADHG THE GERMAN - Irish-goat - SHEPERD

In November 2012 a friends big dog got suddenly very sick and brought it to the vet. The vet found out that the dog had devoured a big rubber dog toy, which was made of toxic material. He immediatly operated on the dog's stomach. Unfortunately the toy pieces were already in the dog's intestines. Unable to operate on his intestines the dog had to dispose of the toy in the natural way, or it would die.

This process had to be supported by a special diet as his stomach and intestines were totally inflamed, raw and painful. The next 24 hrs were crucial to see if the dog would make it through the night. Thank God it did!!!

During the next week the dogs bowel movement had sort of returned to normal but still non of the toy's pieces had come out. The dog was dramatically losing weight, because the poison was spreading through his body. Then my friend rang me and asked if I could do a healing on the dog. I said  that I can at least try.

Once I had done a 5 min healing on a friends baby. (I'm not comparing a baby with a dog!) But the baby also had digestive problems. Approximately 15 min after the session, the baby let it all go! After that she fell asleep happily and exhausted from all that releasing and slept for almost 4 hrs! ) Very grateful parents.

I did a 2x20 min session on the dog. Taigh was big and impressive dog. I'll never forgot how he looked at me and then back to his intestines and then back at me again. The sec 20 min he did the same, but now even more surprised as his intestines started to gurgle like mad.

My friend rang me the next morning with the happy news telling me that the shredded toy had come out! Then a few days later she rang me with the news that the dog had gained already 2 pounds of weight! Such great news for the dog, its owner and myself too, as this was the first time I have done a healing session on an animal! And straight away it had a positive outcome!

We must of course foremost thank the vet as she has done a great job on operating the dog and choosing the right diet and following up treatment for the dog!!! And not to forget my friends devoted care of her beloved dog during it's healing process.

I want to also hereby thank my friend who has given me the trust and opportunity to work on her dog! And my spirit guides off course for their fabulous guidance!   

                                                           DEE DA IRISH RACE HORSE 2015

One early evening I got a call from a woman who told me that one of their horses was not feeling well all day. He had not drank any water, pooped, peed, nor did had he move much, and was lethargic. I asked a friend to come with me. The owner and we had a look at the horse in his stable. I straight away went to the middle of his point of shoulder and held my hands there for about 15 min. The owner of the horse said that the horse was very calm, compared to his normal behaviour with strangers. After I stopped and we went in the house for a cup of tea. 

Later we all three went back to the stable and the horse still hadn't moved or anything. I did the same again for another 15 min or so. This time after a few minutes it felt like I held the whole horse in my hands! It was the most incredible feeling, I can't describe it really. I felt or saw that the horse was off all his four's!!! Only I didn't feel any weight! I was so flabbergasted that I asked the owner and my friend if they'd had seen it too??? 

To my amazament they both confirmed the horse was off all four's for maybe just a split second!!!

Until today I/we have no explanation for it! We went back in the house again and had a glass of wine. An hour later or so before going home we had one more look at the horse, and lo and behold!!! The horse had peed, pooped, walked around and was now eating his hay!!! The owners called me the next day that the horse was grand and like it had never been sick! Just amazing! 

                                                     KITTY 🙀 WEST CORK CAT 2016

I got a call to check out a sick senior cat. When I came to the people's farm the cat was nowhere to be found, as they have a lot of farmland. Thank God it was a very warm and sunny afternoon, so we decided to wait for the cat, whilst we had a cuppan te. 'As you do', as my 104 year old friend Nell always said. After a long wait, I said to them why don't I try to communicate with the cat in a kind of telepathic way?

This is something I've never done before, not conciously anyway. So I did. After a little while I started to write things down, what I felt the cat was ''telling me'. When I read the cat's message out loud to it's owners they got quite emotional and told me that that would have been exactly how he would have 'talked' to them. All who have a pet or animal know what that means when an owner says that, because every pet owner has their own special communication with its animal.

It was a very interesting experience for me. It is not like channeling at all and yet it felt kind of like it. It is very different then when you're having a conversation with people. That's for sure! 😊 Miauw.

                                                         KALUA  DA  CHIHUAHUA 2020

                                                             My first furry in Holland 

Kalua lives in Amsterdam city and as you can see he's a small little fellow! That can, in my opinion, be a bit daunting at times. Sometimes he has moments of nervousness and other times he's feisty. Thank God he's extremely loved by his owners. They came to me for a session because he has fluid in his lungs. They came for his first session to me in Zandvoort, and the other 2 I did at his house, because I thought he would be more relaxed. As you can see on the photo he is for sure the Chihuahua of the house. 

After the first session I think he'd improved for a little while, but I don't think that the other 2 had a long lasting effect, or has brought a change. Both his owners agreed on that. He's been checked by the vet a many of times, different diets, you name it. Unfortunately nothing has brought improvement, I like to say NOT YET for that feisty little warrior. 🐶 I think of him often.

                                                       DOGGIE: ALISA  July 2022

Everyone who comes to me for sessions knows how much I love my work/my life's purpose.
Receiving trust from people makes me feel humble and blessed. Working with children and animals makes me feel even more super blessed. -  I'm not comparing children with animals - but they recipocate with such a similar instant trust. Receiving trust from a child and an animal is an undescribable frequency.

                                   NEXT IN LINE: BEN THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER 2022

Since I'm back in Holland I visit my friends in Zeeland a few times a year. They have this beautiful 8 year old dog Ben. He sure has a charachter of his own. He very seldom comes to me, and if so I can just give him a pat and of he goes. He's a real family dog and utterly loved by all. They live on a farm and have the - no shoe policy - for the upstairs in the house - Ben loves to walk around with the slippers of his 2 owners. 

My shoes/slippers which are with the rest of the many shoes in the hallway were never an interest of him, until this July!!! On the first morning I came down the stairs he'd taken one of my slippers and had left it  somewhere on their 5 acres land!!! For the next 3 days 9 people have been searching on and off for my slipper, which was nowhere to be found!! Until 2 hours before leaving for the train back home. 

I was having a cup of tea with their daughter in the garden and there comes Ben. He walked straight at me and leans with his whole body against my hands and stayed in that position for at least 5 min or more. Then I moved my hands more towards his groins. He stayed leaning again with all his body weight in my hands for another 10 min or so. 

We were both so amazed about his behaviour because it was totally out of carachter for him. Then he suddenly walked away! I LOVE THIS! When doing sessions on children they suddenly feel finished, start wiggeling and sit up. Animals also just sit up or walk away. 

Ben has responded VERY WELL to his session. The pain of his prostate problems have totally disseapeared and not come back since. ( I did not even know that he had prostaat problems!) When visiting again last November he followed me a lot and whenever I sat at the kitchen table he looked at me and then he'd put his big head on my feet, as to show me his gratittude. 

                                                             DOGGIE ALISA

August 28 2022. Doggie Alisa's 2nd session. This time she was extremely happy to see me.
It made me so happy and grateful that she let me know that I'm helping her to feel better.

Here are a lot of photos of her, because I must honestly say, I've never experienced so much trust of an animal like Alisa. As you can see she's completely in a trance. Completely surrendering herself to me & her owner. I've definitely shed a few tears of gratitude and joy in this session.  


October 2022. 'Thanks God 🙏 
She is as active as never before. 
She also lost some weight.
' Thank You, Pina
Owner AC 

  Jan 2023: Her owners had invited me to come see their new home 
and have dinner and drinks to celebrate.
Alisa was delighted to see me 😍😍 and I her.



Last week I visited my friends again. Poes (as I call him) was again snotty and difficult breathing. He looked at me sometimes but didn't come near me. After a lovely dinner and a good 3 hrs I told my friends that I was going to leave soon. Poes suddenly, after maybe 15 min or so, and to everyone's surprise, walked up to me and nestled himself very relaxed unto my one knee and my lap.

As you can see it gave his head to me freely holding itself on to me with his one paw. 
The same happened as in the first session, when to much energy he pulled his head away,  and when less he moved his head towards me. He allowed me to do at least another 10 min session on him. 

They say animals have a sixht sense. I don't know if Poes heard me, understood me or had felt I was to leave. Whatever it was or to call it, it doesn't really matter to me. I have now undeniably experienced the 6th sense of an animal myself. Just fascinating and amazing!!!


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