Friday 9 October 2020


Why Sensitive People Have Gut Issues

Science is now discovering that our digestive system literally digests our emotions during our sleep cycle!

Our stomach is talking to our brain and sending it feedback about the emotions we have experienced during the day. The feedback the brain gets, is then translated into our dreams sometimes, especially if we have had strong emotions during the course of our day. Our stomach literally processes our emotions as well as our food.

Following the logic here, sensitive people would find they have digestive issues, whether they are aware of their sensitivity or not. Most people think it's to do with the food, medication and alcohol consumption, and to a certain degree it is. But if you have gone down all the paths of healing your digestive system and still find you are having issues, then this is the next avenue of exploration.

Treating our physical bodies on just the physical level is living in the old paradigm of separation. Nothing is separate. If you have an imbalance in the physical body, then the answer most likely lies in the mental, emotional and spiritual levels of your being. You are not a victim of you biology! You are in control of your body, your thoughts, your belief systems and how you react to the world around you. In fact it is the only thing you do have control over.

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