Saturday, 4 June 2022


                                                              [08:52, 30-05-2022]

Last week I've done a session on a lovely doggie. Her symptomes/dis-comforts were: 

Not being able to properly pee/sitting properly when peeing, stumbling regurarly with right front paw when walking, not so much energy. We did a 2x20 min session and a week later I got this wonderful text from her happy owners!

"Hi Pina! I wanted to say thank you for the doggie session. The first day after the treatment she was sick and passive. On the second/third day she released something. The next day she recovered, and I notice two changes: She pees better, and I saw her sitting, something she didn't do before. 

Also now, when she is running in the forest, the way she moves is different, a bit more like a proper energyst dog, instead of a clumsy-lazy one. And yeah, she doesn't stumble on the right front paw any more. I think I'll come again somewhere in July, it definitely did something already. Ciao! " AZ

Hi AZ. It makes me so happy to read your mail and thanks for letting me share her story. Pina

Other animals I have done sessions on are horses and cats. 

Happy Dog part 3 in post 29th August 2022

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