Sunday 19 November 2017


Over the last 20 years of being in Ireland I have come to love the Irish and their blow-ins dearly. I am grateful to all of them for their patience, trust and courage. I thank all of you who have allowed me to be of help in your healing process. Without you I would not be the spiritual healer I am today. Over these years, some of you embraced me with your friendship. I have re-met members of my soul family and my spirited heart has gratefully rejoiced! Without the warm dinners, ‘grapefruit juices’, cups of tea and emotional support, Lief and I would not have lasted as long as we have in Ireland.
It makes me happy to see people changing for the better, by letting go and becoming more positive. Sometimes people don’t even realise who they really are until they come out of their emotional prison. It is truly uplifting when someone no longer has to listen to the outer voices anymore, when they have the freedom to hear their own heartbeat again. I inspire people to break free from whatever it is that has been holding their spirit captive. I myself walked out of my emotional prison and, through this positive action, gave myself and others a second chance.
I work with people so that they can heal and change in a positive way. For some there is a lot of work to do and for others less. Some people have to work on old karma and others on new karma. Healing doesn’t always come in the form that we expect. We have to be patient, open our hearts and trust that good is there for us. We must surrender to ourself, to our beauty within and to the Love of the Universe, as we are its children.

We can only recognise words that resonate within our heart, body and soul as a part of our own journey. People always meet me at the right time in their life. How do I know this? After many years of being me and doing this work, I just know!
Excerpt page 1 book: Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis.

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