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My second book I'm working on; ONLY VISITING THIS PLANET is mainly about shamanism, consciousness, energy, shape shifting, frequencies, DNA, molecules and  global warming. So when a few days ago I stumbled upon an article from BRIAN COLLINS about the frequency 432HZ, instead of the music frequency 440HZ, I was very intrigued by his article and became curious to  hear this frequency. Brian's Collins article is called; The ancient future of sound.

-This post is from 2016-


I found this You-tube video THE SOUND OF YOU by BART WAYSHOWER. Enjoy!

432hz vibrates on the principals of natural harmonics and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code and consciousness. 432hz Natural Tuning has profound effects on consciousness and also on the cellular level of our bodies.

Energy is a truly indestructible force. It never dies or diminishes, it merely transmutes form through rates of vibration and mediums. The energy that makes up you and I have always been, and always shall be present in the universal "all" of things.
The energy in the form of atoms in your body was at one point, part of a star or galaxy and it is a scientific fact that you completely change all of your body's atoms every seven years, replenishing the source from where you came from.

This exchange of energy is in a constant inflow and outflow state throughout the "All" of creation both in the micro and macro planes of the universe. Everything is in electromagnetic vibration. Nothing escapes this basic universal law. The vast majority of what we understand as electromagnetic vibration is largely invisible and only accessible through the recent rediscoveries of the true nature of energy on a quantum level.

Of the measurable side of energy we can only perceive less than ten percent of the electromagnetic spectrum in the form of Matter, sound, light and past our crude senses, are the frequency realms of radio waves, ultraviolet light, gamma rays and x-rays.

The narrow band of visible light and audible sound are directly related in the form of frequency harmonics. Sound is measured in cycles per second (or hertz), which humans can perceive from around 20 cycles per second to around 20000 cycles per second. Light is measured in the trillions of cycles per second. From a theory standpoint, if you double the wavelength of sound by forty times you start to reach the vibrational frequencies of light.

If you had a piano that was forty octaves long you could surpass tone and play the visible colours of the spectrum. Like wise if you had a piano that moved in the opposite direction the slowest frequency waves would form into matter. These are the extremes of visible electromagnetic vibration, which states that if something moves fast or slow enough it can seem at rest. If I could spin a bicycle wheel fast enough, not even a bullet could penetrate the space between the spokes of the wheel.

The universe that we perceive is not really solid, it is only vibrational attractions of energy at their highest and lowest forms. Everything is in a constant cosmic dance from the smallest quantum sub particles to the majestic waltz of stars and galaxies.

Thought plays an important role in the universe for it too, is also a measurable range of vibrational frequency. The body also is generating its own magnetic frequency fields, in the form of electrical energy. Each cell in your body is vibrating the electrical equivalent of 1.7 volts.

When you add up how many cells are in the body you reach an estimated energy potential of seventeen trillion volts per person. Dr George W Crile from Cleveland discovered. That small amounts of matter now called "radiogens" within protoplasm are producing light and heat in excess of 3,000° and 6,000° C.

There seems to be exhibiting the same behaviour and groupings of star clusters and galaxies within our bodies. This brings further solidity to the hermetic axiom "As above so below". Thought can regulate how the rest of the body vibrates and subconscious thought pilots the spin of the body's energy chakras.

There is a fundamental principal involved with vibration, which involves a correspondence called sympathetic vibration. In other words a vibration wave when doubled or halved produces a sympathetic resonance vibration in the medium.

Thank You so much Bart and Brian,
for both your fab articles, and for being out there,
for me to find you! Pina :)

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