Wednesday 19 August 2020


Inside my heart there is an ocean
I can hear the roaring of the waves
I want to sing that song
Bathe in the cool waters
Immerse myself in the currents
And follow the flow
To adventure and
Wonder and delight.

Usually I wonder how
I can get there.
I shrug and act helpless
As if my mind ran the show.
But today is different.
I can just go there
Easily simply
By letting go.

I wrote this after having a session with spirit medium PIna Lazara and author of  Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis.  My homework was 'Letting Go' :-)
I love Pina’s book.  I admire her courage for writing it even though she wasn’t sure how it would be received or what people would think of her.  It gives me the courage to pursue my own book. 

I really liked the sense of timelessness where life events are interwoven with dream-like stories.
  My favourite bit was about the beluga whales and as I read it, I could just feel myself drawn in that magical world and I was in the sea moving up and down in the swell.  
Pina writes openly and honestly from her heart and I found I couldn’t put the book down.  I read most of it in an afternoon.

Dear C, what a beautiful song from your beautiful heart! And such kind words about my work! You know I'm only the facilitator, and you've done all the work! Letting go takes courage and love, and a woman of strength! More love to you, and thank you again, Pina

RE-POST 6-3-2015 

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