Monday 6 July 2020


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Excerpt of testimonial: Crystal clear Testimonial

The third session was truly amazing! You helped me to recognise and see the wounded inner child identities alive in me who were driving my self-sabotaging behaviour in all areas of my life. That was a breakthrough for me. Since then, I have been integrating these little girls, listening to them, validating their feelings and finding out their needs and meeting them, while as importantly, affirming a new reality for myself based on self-love and actions which complement that – it has been truly life-changing.

You really assisted me to work with this when you gave me the advice to affirm” this is my REALity now… LOVING myself is my reality now… “It allowed me to work on my behaviour, that (Anxiety, Bulimia, Depression, etc, is no longer my reality…that is in the past…and that I can accept that, by integrating and loving the inner child, yet affirm a NEW reality now, and the choices to love and nourish myself have been so much natural since! That is not to say I have not been challenged, but this approach has made the SHIFT from overwhelm to ease so much easier

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