Dear Pina.
     I am doing, so great! Spirit has certainly sent me to the right healer – you truly have an amazing gift being expressed through you.  I feel very blessed and ever so great full to the ONE to be on the receiving end.
     I have been focused on releasing on-off cycles of bulimia and behavioral patterns of emotional distraction, avoidance and “numbing” for quite some time now. I simply knew there was emotional baggage suppressed at the root of my suffering and my unhealthy relationship to food.  It had also affected my self-esteem on every level.  With your assistance, that root has been uncovered, and I feel a new, fresh, effortless joy, presence and spontaneity in my life.

     In our first session, I had my “mask”on to appear fine, but inwardly I was terribly depressed and frustrated.  I could witness that part of me had lay down inside, and was giving up on life, resigned to the fact that there was “no point”. Each way I turned I faced more depression and self-loathing.  I felt the suffering I experienced inwardly was too much and that I was powerless to change, or to get myself free of my own self negativity and patterns of self destruction.

During our first session, I could feel you working on different levels of my being, especially the areas of myself which had lay down and “given up” on hope, on help, on life and on myself. I felt much lighter, to say the least.  It also helped me to realize even more deeply on a conscious level, that I had a choice and it gave me hope that, with the right support and a heartfelt & focused will to change that I could possibly overcome my negative relationship to food and the obsessive thoughts and and negative self-talk

     Three days after my first session with you, I walked into the sexual assault clinic in cork – you know you are truly committed to healing and facing your past head on when you go to a place like that!  I truly believe, without any doubt that the energies you opened up in my allowed me to release a significant chunk of the negativity and subsequently enough life force energy to flow in me to realize the necessary to do so, and the conviction to face my past head on.

     The second session allowed me to face very strong male dominant projections in my life, and set clear boundaries with people and behavior I would tolerate and not – Very liberating for me! The interesting thing is that as I said NO to patterns of unacceptable and unhealthy and unloving behavior from others in my life, something inside me also stood up and said NO to patterns of self-destruction from my own self to myself.
 The third session was truly amazing! You helped me to recognize and see the wounded inner child identities alive in me who were driving my self-sabotaging behavior in all areas of my life.  That was a breakthrough for me. Since then, I have been integrating these little girls, listening to them, validating their feelings and finding out their needs and meeting them, while as importantly, affirming a new reality for myself based on self-love and actions which complement that – it has been truly life-changing.

     You really assisted me to work with this when you gave me the advice to affirm” this is my REALity now… LOVING myself is my reality now… “It allowed me to work on my behavior, that (Anxiety, Bulimia, Depression, etc, is no longer my reality…that is in the past…and that I can accept that, by integrating and loving the inner child, yet affirm a NEW reality now, and the choices to love and nourish myself have been so much natural since! That is not to say I have not been challenged, but this approach has made the SHIFT from overwhelm to ease so much easier!

     As, well as that, one of the inner child identities you were working on, woke me up 2 days after our session to re-awaken a very suppressed, crystallized memory of another experience at that age which I had totally suppressed and never seen nor faced and which was, absolutely at the root of all of my shame, torment and self-loathing.
 I heard of suppressed memories before, but I never really believed in them – This little piece, however, was THE missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of my life and was a huge ah-ha moment for me as the memories and associations came flooding back.

     Thankfully, this considerate child revealed it to me before my counselling session at the clinic so I had the experience of the counselor to help me work through the shame which was so deeply buried.  I believe it this shame and self-disgust and beliefs in myself as “bad, disgusting, unlovable .. all of that,” was at the root of what I was trying to puke up all along! Quite a revelation!

     And it truly revealed the reason as to why I always felt there was something inwardly “wrong” with me and explained the deep rooted self-hatred which I could never put my finger on before then! What a breakthrough.

     Since then, I have been loving and integrating all these parts of my inner child as they present themselves in my thoughts and in my feelings and more recently , in my inner vision.  I have had no self destructive behavior all week and bulimia and food cravings have been the last thing on my mind.. Life-changing miraculous! To say the least!  I plan to continue in this way. I knew it was a result of an integration of the energy you worked on the day before, and for that I am so great full too.  I am feeling much “freer” and there is a lightness and laughter coming into my life again! :)

 They are some of the levels I have witnessed the energy pour through you and how they are working, so rapidly in a results level in my life. The guidance you have also given me has been very refreshing, practical and solid. I felt very vulnerable opening up to you, and you truly listened to me, compassionately and with huge relief, I know your natural and instant response was that there was no judgement- that you fully accepted me and saw the “real” me and not just someone who was an addict or a lost cause, which had been very much my own identification at the time! And this helped me to see beyond my problems to the light within me and accept all my parts along the way.
     I wanted to share that with you and if you like you can share this on your blog.  I always feel there is most often, a holistic, mind-body-spirit approach required to heal anything, from addiction, behavior, illness and so forth – I have been working on mindfulness and meditation and self-integration, as well as looking after exercise and nutrition of the physical body to get back on track. The psychologist has been helping me to validate my experiences and unfurl some knots in my mind, and you have been absolutely such a catalyst on every level of the holistic scale to help bring me back to myself.

     I am so great full! God truly has given you a gift. Lots of people desire it, and often falsely claim it, but you deliver it. I have already recommended you to a number of people and will continue to do so. With love, Crystal

 Crystal, amazing woman of strength!!! What an incredible story! I’m so happy for you that you’re feeling so much better, and thank You so much for all your kind words. I feel your sincere gratitude, but I like/want to give most the credit back to You!!! It takes SO MUCH COURAGE AND SELF-LOVE TO MAKE THESE KIND OF SHIFTS, AND SO QUICK! I can only be humbled and say thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey! In the end it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about you, but more of how you feel about yourself! You’ve gotten through it all with yourselves! Hand in hand, amazing team afford! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU ALL !!! Pina

Over the years I’ve received a lot of fantastic feedback and read a lot of fabulous stories. This story is particularly powerful, so full of clarity, self-acceptance and love! Love and light to you, Crystal and thank you for allowing me to share your story. Your story can hopefully help someone else! Your story can be their story, and their story can be yours. Therefore sharing our stories can be so helpful. Breaking the silence is the first step towards healing! Sharing is caring...

 I like to thank all the people who come to me for healing. It is not only that I support you during your healing journey, but you also help me in my development to be the best healer I can be. Namaste Pina.

All appointments by appointments only: 😊

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before your session so you can wash your hands or use the facilities.

If you want/need to cancel your session I ask you hereby kindly to let me know on time.
When cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, the reserved time will not be charged.

Just as it would be at a doctor, dentist, massage and physio therapy, etc appointment.
I'm a 1 woman self-employed business. Thank you for your understanding, Pina. 

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