Saturday, 13 May 2023


One of my fav pictures of my mum and I when she visited me long ago in San Francisco.

To all the women that are a mother, the people that have a mother and who don't have a mother anymore. I wish you all a wonderful mother's day! Even after my mother's 11th years crossing over anniversary last April 1st, I still feel her sometimes. Bodies die, love never does, especially the love of a mother, in whatever way she's expresses or has expressed that in your lives together.

We had "a kind of love/hate relationship". We didn't always had the change to make up as I didn't live in Holland for so long. When my mother died I wasn't physically with her but on her last day here on earth I spoke with her through Skype camera. I told her that her blood runs through me, and that she didn't had to worry about her children or me. I am your daughter.

After we had hang up my family rang me two hours later that she had left her body. She'd knew what I meant and my words had given her "permission" to let go. I know until today that when I'd spoken those words, it allowed her to feel her peace within and to let everyone and everything go. To let go takes love and courage on so many levels.

The heart, the heart, the carrier of the soul; the soul, the soul, carrier of the body. What am I anyway? The scent of fire. Bone and blood surrounded by skin. How wonderful is our body!

Excerpt: Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis

In my ‘book of life’, being a good and loving mother/parent is the biggest job of all. I have the utmost respect for all mothers who are doing this challenging work of love every day. 
All parents can only do their best.

To all the amazing mothers out there, and in the spirit  realm,
I think of You all today with love and great respect, Pina

  Got this great photo from my cous a few weeks ago. Also from San Francisco


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