Thursday, 25 June 2015


PART 3: my cholesterol lowering diet plan from nurtritionist Lucy Hyland. 

Lucy is based in Kinsale.
Her company is called 

nutritional therapist

I met Lucy years ago through a friend of mine, who couldn't recommend her work highly enough! I'm aware of what I put into my body to keep a healthy lifestyle, which are mostly organic produce, but we can always use some extra help of an expert! And there was Lucy :)!

After reading some parts of Lucy's~ AMAZING ~ website filled with an INCREDIBLE amount of TIPS, DIETS AND RECIPIES  I straight away gave her a call. Lucy is not only very knowledgeable but also very passionate about her work! I'm also very passionate about my work, so no better person for me then someone with a heart for the job! 

This time I got my dietplan from her directly online. A 55 page easy to read super detailed overview. You hardly have to think what to do, Lucy has already written everything down for you! You just have to go for it! WITH LOVE FOR YOURSELF. She does warn you in the beginning! It's a lot of chopping, but with her guidelines its fun to chop your way through the vegetables and nourish your own health and wellbeing! 

I really enjoyed it and loved the recipies. Now I make my own granola, instead of buying it in the shop and feel more in charge. It's never to late to learn something new! I picked up a lot of tips. Although my plan was a 1 week plan I can integrate her recipies into my diet for life! Or start it again another time. I love food! Good food! Thank You Lucy!

new you plan
Lucy Hyland 086-8179964

I can write on and on about her, but it's best is that I let Lucy talk for herself:  

Lucy Hyland, Nutritional Therapist, Artist, Cook, Connector

Food for Living was set up in 2009 by Lucy Hyland, a Wellness Connector. Lucy uses her creative and nutritional background to teach people how to find their way back to themselves and their health. Using the creative process as a guide, she assists people to reconnect with their bodies and, from this place, develop a lifestyle that promotes vibrancy and vitality. She helps people connect their own dots, design their own plans and figure out what self-care means to them. Her online wellness programmes and meal plans provide a range of unique options for searching for a deeper, more personal approach to health.

Food and Health Coach using creativity to enable you to design your own perfect pathway to health





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