Sunday 21 June 2015

# D.D.and E. # HEALTH AND WELLBEING # Part 2 #

The month of May theme was all about your every day health and wellbeing, and what we can do ourselves to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Eating the right food, good sleep, exercising, walking, talking, letting go of un-healthy patterns.

Now it is already the month of June and finally here is part 2 # PROFFESIONAL INTERVENTION :) #

With the right Diet, Determination and Exercise, you can come a long way! The road to re-gaining health, is way less difficult with the proper help of proffesionals!

I found this out myself at my local gym where I started 2 months ago. After hearing that I have high (hereditary) choresterol, I realised that, ( if I don't want to be depended on medication) I needed proffesional help to lower it. Determined I went to my local gym. I wished I had done it years ago!!!
I have joined "the beginners class", as I like to call it myself :). I also joined the gym to improve my posture. After such a short time I already feel so much better and have less little aches. The staff is very welcoming and make you feel straight at home. Beside being friendly, they are all proffesional gym teachers/instructors. They take in account what your needs are and then help you find the right exercise plan. They also explain what the right equipment is for you, and how to use it. I love that it's a community sport center and set up and available to all ages groups.

With the great expertise and support of our gym teachers Mary and Niall, I already notice some physical changes, this only after 2 months! Not only that, but I also feel ab fab!
Thank You, Mary and Niall.

For more information call Skibbereen Sport Centre: 028-22624
or visit their facebook page: Skibbereen Sport Centre.
Even better, why don't you just walk in and enquire what they can help you with.
Together we all make great teams!

PART 3 is all about my cholesterol lowering diet from # FOODFORLIVING # 
from nurtritionist Lucy Hyland. Lucy is based in Kinsale. I got her dietplan online. 

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