Thursday 14 May 2015


 The session is around 1 hour and during that time you will be laying fully dressed on a plinth. There will also be nice relaxing music on the background. People have different ideas about what spiritual healing is, or how a spiritual healing session goes about. I use "hands on healing", combined with different techniques.

 Hands-on healing means that I touch the body
There will also be moments that I don't touch the body.
I also use tuning sounds to adjust the energy body. 

 I use this form of hands-on healing as a support towards regaining trust and inner strength, inspiring and encouraging you to make changes essential for your personal growth and development towards restoring wholeness. I do this by receiving Divine Universal Love Energy and allowing the guidance of Angels and Ancestral Guides to work through me. 
I am a channel for spiritual healing energy.

When someone comes to me, for instance with digestive problems or a headache, to heal that discomfort, I need to treat the whole person

I ask you some questions during the session, which you answer in silence to yourself. This helps you to process, to let go, and transform the issue we are working on. 

Some people have instant positive results and others need to come back for a few more sessions. It all depends of the reason of your visit. You don't need to be sick or sad to come to me for a session. Many people just come for a session to relax.

I never know in what kind of atmosphere the work will be until we start the session. In the first session I make it clear to people that the work is done together. I am not, ”the magic person who takes it all away or changes things”, I merely facilitating the person healing process or to find her or his voice, empowering oneself.

It doesn't really matter how you call me or what it is I do. Every session is different and every person experiences the healing energies in different ways. Some people feel a fizzy feeling, or warm and tingly, whilst others experience a light trembling or shaking. 

These are all different forms of releasing. 
You can call it spiritual healing, energy healing, shamanistic healing, esoteric healing, or divine healing energy.  

The only important thing is that healing occurs!

For more information check out different pages on this blog Thank You, Pina

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