Monday 21 November 2022




Last week I visited my friends again. Poes (as I call him) was again snotty and difficult breathing. He looked at me sometimes but didn't come near me. After a lovely dinner and a good 3 hrs I told my friends that I was going to leave soon. Poes suddenly, after maybe 15 min or so, and to everyone's surprise, walked up to me and nestled himself very relaxed unto my one knee and my lap.

As you can see it gave his head to me freely holding itself on to me with his one paw. The same happened as in the first session, when to much energy he pulled his head away, and when less he moved his head towards me. He allowed me to do at least another 10 min session on him. 

They say animals have a sixht sense. I don't know if Poes heard me, understood me or had felt I was to leave. Whatever it was or to call it, it doesn't really matter to me. I have now undeniably experienced the 6th sense of an animal myself. It's just fascinating and amazing!!!


  1. What a lovely boy :) And yes, I do believe animals have the sixth sense. I have diabetes and suffer from cold feet all year round. I have three cats and every time my feet get super cold (even with warm socks), they seem to sense it and lay on them. I believe that cats can sense pain and that they have healing properties.

  2. Hi Kamila! Great you have cats who keep your feet warm! Greetings, Pina