Friday 20 August 2021


Full Moon August 2021 Summary

The August 22 full moon in Aquarius joins the planet Jupiter to bring good fortune, happiness, and success. This is an excellent full moon for intimate relationships. Jupiter brings growth and honesty. Venus trine Saturn favours stability and commitment. While Mars trine Uranus adds intense passion and excitement.

If single, the combination of these aspects gives you the confidence to make the first move and find your perfect match. And couples can tighten the bonds of love through adventurous sexual experimentation. A Jupiter full moon does require some moderation. However, Venus trine Saturn sensibility should keep any Mars trine Uranus over-exuberance in check.

The influence of the August 22 full moon combines with that of the August 8 new moon. The major theme of that new moon was reacting to unexpected changes in a progressive way with flexibility and self-awareness. The effects of the August 22 full moon lasts for two weeks up to the September 6 new moon.  Here is the rest of the article:

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