Friday 23 April 2021


Recently I discovered a lovely studio/shop in my village where people with intellectual disabilities ( I like to call them; the lovebug people) make happy gifts. As you can see, now it's finally open again, I went a bit gaga and bought/ordered a few more beaded feather strings. A few were gifts.

If you're in Zandvoort, have a look in the window, 
I'll promise you it will make your heart smile.
Knock on the window if you see something you wanna buy,
or have a look at the website for their happy handmade gifts.

The feathered beads also remind me kinda of one of my favourite sentences out of my book;

Separation does not exist, not even when she sings and her shape disappears for a while. Then all he can hear is the heartbeat of the dead, while dried bones like thousands of soul chains dangle in the wind. In the distance their horses neigh and their ancestors fly.  Excerpt page:38 

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