Monday 29 June 2020


This cover of the kindle version is made by a Fivver artist.
The soul chrysalis is painted by me.
She kindly added it to her design. So awesome!
It's about time-369-It figures was the original work tittle.


This book is written for all universal children who have given up on themselves, for those who are now ready to discover or rediscover what they are truly made of: Love. Now they can work on fulfilling their own journey to give themselves, and our world, a second chance.

The answer is not in my writing, but in the resonance of the words that awaken your dormant warrior spirit. Any warrior spirit wants to commence a quest. The fulfilment of your happiness is just around the corner because yoursoulsfullofit! Helpful tools during this journey are your Librarian Memories.

This book is an integration of Pientje, the little girl, and Pina, the grown-up adult. After all these years, we have finally grown towards each other and integrated within. Pientje and Pina found out that fear and anger caused them to be separated and therefore weakened. 

Now together, through acceptance, we feel whole, stronger, happier and healthier.
Therefore we function well out there in the world.

When I started to write this book, my first thoughts were, ‘What will people think of me’, will they think ‘Here’s another one who thinks they know it all’. I realised that these thoughts became the "soul" reason to write this book and used my potential to break my silence and give it words.

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