Monday 13 March 2023


image by Pina

    On and of I've been doing a few healing sessions on Rosemary, a woman of 77.
She wants me to share her story and insists on using her real age and name.

     One month ago after another episode of difficult breathing and irregular heart beats at home, Rosemary had to return to the hospital for a few observation days and another MRI.
After her stay at the hospital I visitied her at her house.

'Pina, before I'd met you, I would not even look at the monitor'
'I don't like to look at that ugly black opening and closing greedy mouth'.

     Then she starts to smile and says, 'This time though during the MRI I closed my eyes and heard a voice...'  'I think it was your voice Pina, or was it the voice of an angel?' I don't know, anyway it was like a voice.'

" It said, ' look at your beautiful heart Rosemary."
" She's so doing her best for you".
"Without her you would be dead."

     'I was amazed this voice was revering to my ugle black mouth as HER, as I rever to it as IT.' 'I looked at it and saw a heart beating for me.' 'I felt her working so hard and thought to myself, it is not a black ugly mouth, this is my beautiful heart, without it I am dead.' 'In that moment I realised that for the first time I appriciated my heart and given her a gender.'

     'Then I looked at the doctor and thought, 'he also has one of those things. I looked at the nurse and thought,' she also has one.' After the MRI was finished I walked through the hospital corridors and every time I saw someone walking I realised that they all have one of these big black mouths opening and closing like myself and that we are all part of the great collective!' At that moment I felt that I was no longer afraid of it! Then and there I realised that I had an epiphany'.

     I'm so happy for Rosemary experiencing this incredible revelation. What an amazing moment this must have been for her! Thank You Rosemary for sharing your story and allowing me to be a part of that journey. When people tell me their healing stories every molecule in my body screams,

                                                     I LOVE MY LIFE PURPOSE!!!

                                                           RE-POST JULY 2018

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