Friday 31 May 2019


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Aren't you sick and tired sometimes of always wanting to prove that you are a good boy or a good girl? Consciously or unconsciously? Don't you just want to get out of that mode? Of course you do, lets be honest. Being a boy or a girl doesn't suit your spirit anymore when your body in the mean time has grown up to be a man or a woman. It makes you tired, sometimes even exhausted and feelings of being sick. What you actually are sick of is that running around for that life of approval!!! Running around and doing things you actually don't want to always do or anymore.

Listening to the same stories, reacting on the same things over and over again in the same way, like as if you are still that same person. You gadda tell people that you still love them but that you have changed over the years and that you want to break the patron which hold you and them in the same place and that you want do things different sometimes. It is okay to say no sometimes.

When you say yes to yourself it doesn't make you a bad selfish person but in that way you can start again making time for yourself and allowing yourself to feel that you DO have a good heart and that you don't mind to do things for others but that you want to do it in a way that feels right for you... and when it comes from the right place it doesn't take any effort. Then it doesn't make you feel out of balance. If you are doing things you don't wanna do your mind will remind you, but most of the time we dismiss our own mind, not giving our-self the time of day...NO, if you are doing to much your body will also let you know... allow to feel what your body is telling you...this conduit of your soul.

There is opportunity in difficulty, it gives you a change to find out who you really are, indeed a loving person!...but just by overdoing yourself you can get burned out and then what? Then you lay in bed sick and or tired and the others continue their lives without you. When I was younger I was always helping others, but I also was tired most of the time, had pains and aches AND was cranky a lot to say the least. Those feelings of not always being able made me feel bad, and myself out balance.

Today I still like to help but not anymore when I feel it makes me sick and/or tired. That doesn't help nobody. When to much takes over we are indeed getting sick and tired and that is not what we want. We want be happy while we are helpful and kind. So go and find out what your balance is! You don't have to always go to the top of the mountain, halfway there is enough beauty to see... Go to the top when you feel like it...when you have the energy and are happy to do so...

Have a nice day...Pina

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