Tuesday 13 October 2015



The intention of the Universe is for all of us to grow up feeling good about
ourselves, living our ‘given’ lives, shining our light. When we follow our karmic
journey, we are guided by the wisdom to choose love. When we remember lessons
learned from lives lived before, we are using the proper tools, which are offered as
our birthright.

     Do not try to be an Einstein when you are actually a Matisse. They were two
totally different gifted people yet equally important to the world. In one lifetime
we are here to live from the heart and in another from the head, one time healthy,
another time sick. However, when we are reincarnated, we all have to live a life of
seeking and finding. 

     We get so much support and opportunities from the Universe to really 
become who we are, but most of the time we are the ones who don’t believe
in ourself. We punish ourselves inside our own heads. Stop being your own worst
enemy! Stop sabotaging the ground you walk on! Don’t be frightened of stumbling,
falling or crying! When you fall, get up, smile and hold your head up high while
trying again. Welcome yourself as you would welcome your best friend!

Exerpt of page 10 of: Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis

 His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama

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