Thursday 16 February 2023



Hi Pina. I want to you to thank you so much for our last session. That was pretty crazy, hey?! It's the wildest thing I've ever experienced, I think. It was so great getting that pain out of my body!!! It's still gone and feels like the foot is finally healing properly. I've told a friend of mine who is a chiropractor and she said "if anyone is stubborn enough to heal that way, it would be you, haha". I'm not sure how large my role in it was, but it sure was powerful! AM x

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Good evening Pina, a huge gratitude to you, for giving me healing this day. I feel your treatment with my hips was miraculous and has supported my back in health and well being.  I am ever grateful for your support. Many thanks, V x

This kind of testimonials make me feel so happy. That's why I'm here for, sharing my life's purpose. Thanks AM & V for the share! Px

 I am a channel for spiritual healing energy.  Most people, especially the older people say,
 that I have the gift of healing, whilst others call me a shaman. 

It doesn't really matter what you call me or what it is that I do. Every session is different and every person experiences the healing energies in a different way. You can call it spiritual healing, energy healing, shamanistic healing, esoteric healing, positive energy or IET. 

The only important thing is that healing occurs.

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