Saturday 11 February 2023


                               HOW DO YOU DO THAT? 

                                  DRAWING BY PINA

Was the question of a 12 year young boy after he woke up from his 30 min session last week. He had fallen and hurt his knee badly. 'You make all this kind of sounds then you blow on my arms and knees, then I feel warm through my whole body. Then you hold my hip and knee and I start to softly shake and to relax at the same time! Then I'm suddenly asleep without me knowing and suddenly I wake up again! How do you do that?'  I told him that everyone is born with a gift. I'm good in this and you in something else and a fulfillling life is about sharing your gift(s).

He had been to me for 2 sessions at the age of 9, which he can't really remember. After his first session he wanted to come back every week, so his mother asked him what he liked so much about me. He answered with,' she's sweet, good with words, makes great sounds AND she makes me feel calm.'  'Oke, she said, 'that's good enough for me.'   😃

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A great thank you again to all parents for their trust in my work. 💖

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