Monday 18 April 2022


Now fully dressed, all I have to do is to wait for my destiny to arrive as well. I look up to the sky and see The Seven Sisters. They are not as sparkly as I had seen them last time, but at least they are all still there. I smile at Sister Whale, Polar bear, Beluga, Penguin, Sea Otter, Blue Tuna and Sea Turtle. They all smile gently back at me.

Excerpt page 11: Only visiting this planet.

    ‘Life on Earth can only exist throughout cosmic wisdom. One can only re-discover what one already knows by following the instructions of the natural accumulated guidance. When this wisdom gets translated to ones limbic system awareness, many earthlings memory will free up. Their clogged up minds and can become more clear headed. Hopefully in time their actions will become more compassionate towards each other.’ 

Excerpt page 33: Only visiting this planet.

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