Friday 19 May 2023


Do You Realise How Special You Are?

You are unique. There is only one like you! Nobody else thinks like you, feels
like you, talks like you, shouts like you, cries like you, laughs like you,
breathes like you, moves like you, expresses themselves like you, loves like
you, creates like you! Think about this for a while and then look at yourself
in a new way. Next time you look at someone else, appreciate how special
they are, you are, we all are. Be nice to yourself and be nice to others too.
We are all an important part of the puzzle and we are all here for a
reason. We do not always understand or feel this straight away, but let that
special feeling grow inside of you. Shine the life you were born to live. 

Keep feeling ‘beauty-full’ and special. It suits you!

Excerpt: Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis: Page 138


Celebrating the person you are now; not your future self or not the person you wish you could be. It is about accepting, encouraging and empowering yourself in this moment. And you can celebrate who you are, anytime or any place and for any reason.

Yes, I have an attitude. Do you have a problem with that? You do? Why should you? An attitude is a good thing to have! It makes you want to communicate with others and share your views and opinions, so that you can fully and happily participate in your life and in the lives of others. To radiate love and to feel good about yourself and others is a very positive state to be in. Where can you find this positive feeling? It is right inside of you, just waiting to be awoken and expressed!  

You can develop it more just by simply being nicer to yourself.

Excerpt: Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis: Page 135

How would you like to celebrate your beautiful & beauty-full self???

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