Thursday 5 March 2020


More and more people joined us. I made a lot of noise with my drums and one
day a theatre agent noticed me playing in a dance performance. She put me into
contact with some stiltwalkers who were looking for someone to accompany them.
They worked all over the world. Together they created moving stories consisting of
six creatures. 

The three main characters were the two queens, Mede and Rage.
The third one was king Leon. I became character number six. With strong arms and long
powerful legs they leaped around with a speed that dazzled onlookers. Their artistry
often elicited a standing ovation from the audience.

The art of king Leon and his two queens was that they had the ability to perform
as one entity. This was especially noticeable when they laughed. When they cried,
you could see them being ripped apart. Another creature, number four, took care of
the cheerful notes. When he blew on his saxophone, the notes flew up into the sky
and this glued their story back together. 

As a Heron he could hop around from one stalk to another.
The fifth character was Rua, who drifted dangerously around each of us with his
big drums. He created so much noise that he was like a raging drunkard, but he was
able to walk freely. I loved making a loud noise beside him, because we sounded
good and loud together.

Mede, Rage and king Leon had such power in their especially long legs that they
captivated their audience. I, too, felt a power that I had never experienced before.
They sourced their energy from the natural silence of Mother Earth. When they
awoke her, a part of my own energy was freed up as well.

Travelling with them created space and emptiness between Lara and myself. We
let go and held on to each other respectively. Our souls had chosen this journey for
us, so we continued the journey together, yet each in our own way.

Excerpt page 76: Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis

Now also in Dutch

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