Saturday 3 August 2019


Last year I was visiting a friend for a winter solstice party, which was also a kind of visualise and manifest workshop. She showed us the template, shown above, as an example of how to make a vision board.  After some tips and ideas we collectively made a vision board of how we would like to experience and see our Mother Earth. On New Years Day we made one at home, according to the template. It took nearly a day and was great fun and created a lot of insight! Straight at the beginning of this year I wanted to write a post about it, but for whatever reason I didn't.

Finally last weekend it became apparent to me that I was too focused on this one particular kind of vision board and today it (finally) dawned on me that you can OF COURSE CREATE any kind of vision board, or in-vision board- about any topic! It can be either of physical, emotional, spiritual or practical nature, anything you feel drawn too! Is it family orientated? Is it for personal development? Is it about fulfilling a dream? Manifesting your dream house? Peace on earth?

Is it about healing/ integrating your past with your present? To let go? Your present presence? To see how beautiful you really are? To celebrate all your gifts? How you would like to feel, to be? How you would like to create a better or great relationship with your loved ones, your inner s-elfes-? To learn to like/love your inner child/ren. To integrate and welcome them within the adult you have become in the meantime? To love your life?! Etc, etc, etc..endless topics, you name it!

You can make a in-vision board by yourself, or with your friends,
your partner, your child/ren, parents. With whomever you make it:



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All you need is a piece of cardboard to start with - you can also recycle any piece of cardboard for your project - whatever size or shape you like to make. Then you need a scissor, glue or pushpins, old magazines, newspapers, anything text, images, pictures, quotes, anything that calls out to you...cut them out, put them the areas of your themes on the board and see how the rest unfolds for yourself...Draw, write...

HAVE FUN!!! Pina

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