Tuesday 4 June 2019


‘Hi, Pien, it’s me again. 

The Librarian Memories are deeply stored unconscious memories.
These memories may lie dormant inside of you for a very long time.
They hold useful information. In times of healing, 

these emotional memories
come up to the surface to be delegated to. 

In this way they help to transmute the worrier–victim role 
into positive conscious warrior courage. 
It is important to allow the inner wisdom of your ancient soul
to access your daily life so that spiritual healing can take place.

‘When the moment arrives when you feel the need to decipher your true self,
you will be ready to open up towards the Universal Law of Love,

allowing yourself to be more aware of signs of guidance and 
therefore learning more supported ways to change your life. 

When the time has come to forgive yourself and others, you will
discover that you can live a positive and constructive life.

Help will always be there, through a family member, partner, 
friend, neighbour, guardian angel or spirit guide.

Thank you, Pien.’

Excerpt page 86: Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis

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