Sunday 21 October 2018


This story is about two new friends who were over for dinner one night.

It was after dinner that Rachel’s five-year-old son Eli suddenly got a very sore ankle.
Not knowing each other that well, I said to Eli and his mother Rachel that, if he
wanted, I could hold his ankle in my hands for a bit and maybe this would ease the

pain. ‘I would like that,’ he said. So we sat him in an easy chair. Quite soon after 
I took hold of his ankle he felt a thickly sensation behind his knee. He was laughing
so happily that we all started laughing. Then he said, ‘Mum, the only person who
always tickled me under my knee was Mary,’and immediately 
a flash of white light washed over Eli. 

Rachel got a fright because Mary, her best friend, had passed away very recently.
I kept calm and continued to hold Eli’s ankle a bit longer, then his leg started to
gently tremble. More laughter followed and after a few minutes the pain was gone.
Rachel had never experienced anything like this before and was ready to smoke a
cigarette. I gave her one and told her to go outside onto the balcony and smoke it
and that there was someone there who wanted to talk to her. 

Rachel laughed because there was no one else but us in the house. 
She went outside, smoked the cigarette and after a while rejoined us.
She told us that when she lit the cigarette her friend Mary had appeared
in front of her in a bright yellow bikini. She was not frightened to see her, 
although it unsettled her, as she missed Mary very much.

Rachel told us that it was the ‘real Mary’, speaking the way she would have
when she was alive. Mary had told Rachel that she didn’t want people to be sad
and cry about her and that she was exactly where she wanted to be.

Testimonial Rachel and Eli: ( Rachel insisted that I would use their real names )

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