Thursday 26 October 2023


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This is me at 2010 @ Dia de los Muertos in San Francisco
Click on link below for more info about the difference
and celebrations of Halloween & Dia the los Muertos 

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                                    MOI ' 3 EYE BLUE SPIRIT HALLOWEEN FACE' 1992

        Full moon october 2023 is a lunar eclipse in Taurus & brings what's in the shadows light

Eclipse season is always a time of endings. As one door closes, another opens. But as is often the case with eclipses, the endings they bring may not have been ones we wanted. However, these supercharged lunar events have a way of dropping seemingly far-off events directly into our laps to deal with in the present.

The stars are strongly encouraging you to evaluate the changes you have undergone – and forgive yourself and others for ways in which you or the have fallen short of your goals but more importantly your values. Taurus and Scorpio energy reminds us that we all have a shadow side. We owe it to ourselves, and to others, to be honest about that – but also display grace. You are not perfect – and neither are they. It’s a reminder to let others be who they are going to be, who they have shown you to be, so you can be free to be who you are destined to become, even if it means without them.

The Moon in Taurus reminds us that our sense of safety and security comes from a strong sense of self, but that doesn’t have to be about winning at all costs or burning the candle at both ends, which may be a temptation as war-like Mars in Scorpio opposes go-big Jupiter in Taurus during this time. In your quest to right wrong or move forward, make sure you’re not becoming the thing you’re fighting against. A Taurus Moon is always about self-confidence and maintaining strong personal values – and acting on them. Remember that big revelations can be exposed during a Full Moon and this one might just be about seeing yourself with fresh eyes after an honest look within.  



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