Wednesday 21 February 2018


Most people experiencing their first session tell me that they have never experienced anything like it before. I explain them that during the healing session I am the medium between the energies, but that the allowing of the energies to work through them is the real work. The energies we are working with all come from the Spiritual world and are very supportive. I inspire the person to follow the process that comes their way during the session. To allow the process of letting go and being able receiving guidance. Letting this take place in trust and surrendering to the loving healing energies of the Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides.

-Learning to take the path of self acceptance and that it is time to shine your light and show the world what you  are really made of. But the mind cannot see itself completely. However, the principal toll for purifying the mind is the mind itself. The mind is its own creator, at every instant. Hence its responsibility, which is essential. -  Insight of its Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

We are all created  for a reason and are all equal. We are all here as a piece to fit the puzzle called life. IF ONLY we allow ourselves to free oneself from the burdens we or others have put upon us. If we have allowed that to happen to us, out of guilt, fear or whatever reason is not important anymore. More important is stop dragging that negative patron with you in your every day life. Start following the road of self discovery and ask yourself, WHO AM I? If you allow yourself to travel that journey in its positive light of love, you could be amazed what you find out about yourself and WHO YOU REALLY ARE. We are all a reflection of each other. It is of great importance to be nice to yourself and others. I myself could have never come this far as I am today without the love and reflections of others. I am grateful for this every day.

It is difficult sometimes to allow our self to think or feel that we are

            BEAUTIFUL           BEYOND                   MEASURE

- Excerpt Poem Miriam Williamson-

If you have lived a life of thinking that you are a nothing or no good for nothing, please give yourself another change! Cry, sigh, laugh, scream, crawl, talk, stumble. It does not matter how you get there as long as you get there. Above all don't give up on yourself, don't give up on each other, don't give up on our world. Don't forget that you like all of us are here for a reason. More about that later...

Excerpt of work in progress : 369 : It's about time

Published  in 2014 as : Love is the essence of the Soul Chrysalis

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