Sunday 10 June 2018


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Did you know that your brain is an absolute genius? And that the struggles in our heads are most of the time created by our own dear trickster self! Even more interestingly so, we are masters in repeating old words and old experiences inside our brain. Most of the time they're words that you allowed others to put inside your head and now you're repeating them. Why is it that we mostly answer to its negative powers first as we can access the positive intelligence anytime anywhere?! I know I have written about this subject many times in many different ways because  this question comes and goes and sometimes keeps pounding inside my head. But we can use pounding as a search for freedom or a gui-dance of moving forwards as a constant flow of letting go! Like the beating of a drum, like questions and answers! Get out of your comfort zone, create new experiences and feel that it is not all that bad out there! Instead of giving yourself a headache with negative thinking, take on the challenge, get buzzing with the lessons that want to teach you to let go, to grow, to develop more and more as we are endless possibility! So entrench yourself in your own endless possibilities, as we are all created to grow beyond measure!

Have fun exploring, Pina    Fear is a great teacher, but a bad master. Quote: Japanese samoerai

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