Sunday 22 February 2015


I speak of wisdom that even the tears of a thousand lost children could not proclaim. When standing at this distant shore. I have sworn my heart to the great waves of her infinite eyes. And hear her voice like the distant moon’s song, calling the melody of youth home from it’s eternal journey to life.
Cry my sweet as my heart melts into your divine rapture, like the shimmering light of ten thousand sun blessed evenings.
From the morning of my first kiss with this world, I have looked for you in every corner and under every stone. When I saw your face, tears ran down my face, from the memories of lost journeys, wishing that jewels would fall from heaven itself.
And yet your whisper is like a gentle wind that flickers over the ocean of my soul, whilst the drumbeat of your heart echoes to the four corners of the earth and way beyond, it takes flight on the wings of everlasting devotion.
When I look into your eyes, there is neither here nor there, we have dissolved together into this essence of the dream, the twilight of the world smiles, the deep echo of the universe bangs her heart’s drum, and I burst into flames, as the ancient ones sing their voice of approval.

Great Buddha’s, shine the light of infinite rainbow lights in the shadows of your lips. Kisses dance inside out, and the river’s flow is nothing but the children dancing in the garden of your heart.
How I am wrapped in the cauldron of your song, how I am raptured in fear when I fall into this vast expanse, like supernovas, streaming across space, with you I have never been alone.
To remember your eyes, once again my love, is like I have never forgotten.
As if the nomads of time have suddenly come to the sacred mountain, we lie on the floor in grief at the beauty of your ever present body. The endless waves of thought cannot fade this mysterious light,  like a candle that has touched the wild eyed Tigress whose flight gave rise to the wisdom keeper’s cave and set in motion the essence of you, as I look into your heart. I see my true face looking back and there is in this poem that which is forever looking into the eyes of the beloved.

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