Saturday 30 January 2021


     Suddenly a screeching light brushes over the Treetop. Its intense reverberation bolts shivers through my spine. I feel the colour blue piercing through my body and the quills of my feathers. Whilst I’m holding on tight with my sharp talons, I ruffle my new feathers for the first time, during this ritual my olden wings disappear slowly but surely releasing their lonely tick tack, tick tack sound at a quarter past nine.

     Even though I’m happy it has also tired me to receive so much information. After yawning and stretching my new self, I jump of the branch to arrive gently onto Mother Earth. I've arrived in my new constricted body and laugh out loud. I am very grateful to my soul Tengere who endured another amazing reincarnation! My new karma has arrived, just on time, between dusk and dawn. 

Excerpt Only visiting this planet: Still working on it 😊

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