Saturday 5 December 2020





     The valley’s filled with the strangest atmosphere. Many mysteries linger here. Where is Te-Rinzen? Kyho is struggling to get unto higher grounds. I plummet down to catch her and with great difficulty I just can. With my last strength I swoop unto the Sacred Larix Sibirca. She can just jump next to me on her branch. We are both breathless, but we’ve arrived home safely!

     Surrounded by endless tundra and taiga the tree’s strong flexible roots firmly spread out over Mother Earth, vibrating eternal love. The lower mountain range rim together with the sloops of the Mighty Wise Eternal Snowy Summit. Within its midst shines its soul,a dark sparkling lake. 

     I ruffle my feathers and radiate the orgone imprint of my spirit tribe. I caw loud and my teacher Te-Rinzen instantly answers. Our high-pitched screeching echoing, even my seven spirit brothers reflect their presence back unto the black tourmaline rock formation. 

Excerpt of Only visiting this planet.

I'm still working on the Dutch translation of: Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis which will hopefully be finished just before the end of the year. Liefde is de Essentie van de Zielen Cocon will launch first week of February. Just in time as a Valentine's gift to yourself or someone else.😉 

During the winter I will set my intention on finishing my 2nd book: Only visiting this planet. I'm going to finish this book in English which then also needs to be translated in Dutch. 
Therefore I won't be blogging as frequently or on FB & Instagram for the coming while.

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