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This can kill the spirit of any child when others tell them what they can or cannot do, especially when experiencing this at a young age. Showing them an example of what is possible or not possible is a better way and more respectful. But after that let them find out for themselves what their possibilities are. In this way they can find their own boundaries and will make them later in life confident adults.

3 Weeks ago I saw a documentary about a 12 year old boy from India. He is convinced that he will find the cure to stop people dying of aids and cancer. Since he is 5 years old he wanted to work in one of the most prestigious hospitals in London, England. The documentary showed a part of his dream come true and the professors he met where stunned by his knowledge. The boy in his turn was stunned that they hadn't found the cure yet, while seeing all the equipment and time they had to their disposal.  I'm re-posting this post.  I just found a link about the boy, he is now 16 years. See link below. What an amazing story!

This afternoon for a few minutes I saw an interview with a 16 year old girl. She had just won the Olympic Gold Medal for America on the Balance Bar. She said as well that she had now made ONE of her dreams come true.

Not all children have to or will accomplish these kind of goals, That isn't what it is about, but more that they are happy beings going the way they wanna go...

So when your child is interested in something keep stimulating that interest. Sometimes as an adult when you think, you can't do it, you are listening to the voice of the fearful. Children most of the time don't have that voice, they feel and think they can do anything. Innocence, is their true strength, don't forget we are all reincarnations, of what we have been and what we will be... Over and over again, the never ending story...

Never under estimate a child possibilities.        Interest manifest creation :Pina Lazara

When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct this.

                            Insight of his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

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